Top 10 Books of 2014 – Worldwide


Want to read some excellent books written by world’s most celebrated writer? We have made a list of books to encourage your inner bookworm to read more books. Here are some of the top books which were loved by the readers in 2014. (It is arranged in no particular order)


All the light we cannot see

this is a historical novel about an orphan German boy named Werner, and a French girl named Marie Laure who got blind at the age of 6 lived in Paris with her father. When Germans occupied Paris, both father and daughter flee to Saint-Malo. The boy lived with his younger sister Jutta. He was a master at building and fixing radios which got him a place in an elite and brutal academy. He traveled through the heart of Hitler youth to the far-flung outskirts of Russia, and finally, he met Marie at Saint-Palo. the writer has won multiple awards for this book, and the story is gripping and is easy to understand, that’s why people call this the masterpiece of Antony Doerr. don’t read this book if you think it is a non-fictional novel. At many places, this book it seemed to be fictional.

Big little lies

this book is a story about three women named Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. Madeline lived with her daughter and separated from her husband. Her husband now lives with his new wife. Madeline’s daughter and daughter of her ex-husband and his wife studied in the same kindergarten where her daughter studied. The story takes a significant turn when Madeline comes to know that her teenage daughter likes her ex-husband. Celeste is a beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stares. She lives with her husband and her twin boys. When boys started for school, they thought to become the king and queen of school parent body. Jane is young, and the other mother mistakes her for a nanny. Jane is sad about her age and harbor secret doubts about her son. this book is about all the little lies we tell ourselves. This fantastic book is all about ex-husbands, second wives, mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal.

Family Life

this story is about an eight years old boy Ajay and his older brother Birju.  They belonged to Mishra family of Delhi in 1978.  Both brothers and their mother wanted to go to America where their father lived. They went to America and enjoyed a lot until tragedy strikes leaving Birju brain-damaged, and Ajay lost and virtually orphaned in an unknown land. It is a universal story of a boy living his confusing life and fighting for his survival. This is a heart-wrenching dark story.


this book is a collection of twelve short stories of experiences of veterans and soldiers who served during the Iraq war at the time of operation Iraqi freedom in the years 2003-2010. Phil Klay himself served in the United States Marine Corps. The writer has spent four years in completing this book.  All the stories have similar themes with different perspectives. this book has become a classic in the tradition of war writings. this book contains hard-eyed reality with stunning depth.

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The Paying guest

it is a morally complex novel and thriller novel about decent people doing stupid things. This story is about a widow, Mrs. Wray and her daughter settled in London in the 1920s. The spinster daughter mourns the death of her brothers in the Great War. Her father died to leave considerable debts on them. They allowed a young couple, Lilian and Leonard Barber to stay at their home in the 1920s. it’s a raunchy, romantic and thoroughly entertaining and a masterpiece of social unease. You would feel excruciating tensions and real tenderness in this novel.

Station Eleven

it is a science fiction about a famous Hollywood actor who would become a savior and a nomadic group of actors who were wandering around the outposts of the vast lake region, risking everything for arts and humanity. On a cold, snowy night, the Hollywood actor died onstage. This suspenseful novel is about the actor, the man who tried to save him, his oldest friend, actor’s first wife and a young actress. This story tells us about nature of fame and relationships that sustain us.

Nobody is ever missing

this book is full of mordant humor and incredible sights. It is a story about a girl named, Elyria who takes a flight to New Zealand who lived in Manhattan with her husband. She ran away because she wasn’t satisfied with her unstable life. Her sister's death haunted her. this is a story of love, danger, loss, and self-knowledge. It is a painful book with dark humor.

The empathy exams

it a story related to phantom diseases and personal losses. It includes poverty tourism, street violence to reality television. According to the author, empathy means no trauma has discrete edges. Wound bleeds. The book has essays on travel in dangerous territories, on the man in prison, on murder trials and rare diseases.

Bone clocks

this novel has six sections, each with a different point of view by various narrators. The book contains stories named as:-

  • A Hot Spell, 1984
  • Mryyh is Mine, Its bitter Perfume, 1991
  • The Wedding Bash
  • Crispin Hershey’s lonely planet,2015
  • A Horologist’s Labyrinth,2025
  • Sheep’s head, 2043
this novel could be difficult, but storytelling is all pleasure and fantastical. Easy to consume, too, but it excites your hunger while simultaneously satisfying it. This book gets filled with Mitchellian charm, his good sense of humor, lack of pretentiousness and lack of decent prose.

We were Liers

it is a young adult suspense novel. This book revolves around the theme of self-acceptance, family morals. This book begins with the storytelling of the protagonist, Cadence Sinclair. She recalls her life which she spent on an island owned by her grandparents. The island has four houses- a large estate belonging to her grandparents and rest three were for their three daughters. She talks about a passionate and political boy named Gat, with whom she fell in love. The group of four friends called as the liars. Their friendship turns destructive.

City of heavenly fire

this is a young adult fantasy romance novel. This book is the dazzling conclusion of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra. The book follows the adventures of a teenage shadow hunter, Clary Fray. There are many characters in this book. Clary and her friends fight the most critical evil they have faced-Clary's brother ever. Love, sacrifices, and deaths in the terrible battle for the fate of the word get emphasized in the last installment of the classic urban fantasy series

I’ll give you the sun

  this story is about Jude and her twin brother, Noah who are inseparable. Noah is falling in love with a charismatic boy living next door. Daredevil Jude does all the talking for her brother by wearing lipstick. Although, they were very close to each other at the age of thirteen but barely talked after three years. This was due to their sibling rivalry because both of the wanted to impress their mother, Dianna. The first part of the novel covers Noah’s story as he struggles with an enormous secret that affects his present and future. The next section includes the story of Jude who falls in love with an arrogant, broken, yet beautiful boy. This radiating award-winning novel will leave you teary, breathless and laughing, all at once

Red rising

this is science fiction novel set on a future planet, Mars. This is a story about Darrow who is a member of the lowest caste in the color-coded society of the future. He works all day with his fellow reds, believing that they are making the surface of the Mars, livable for their future generations. Soon Darrow discovers that humanity has reached the surface generations ago. Darrow and his fellows are nothing more than slaves of a ruling class. Longing for justice and driven by the memory of lost love, Darrow sacrifices everything. He will be forced to compete for his life and the very future of civilization against the most brutal society of the modern class.


this book is inspired by a story of a woman, Margaret Mead who was an anthropologist. She had three marriages, and all of them were anthropologists. In this book, the author has taken the details of the occasion- a 1933 field trip to Sepik river in New Guinea during which Mead and her second husband would meet a man who will become the third husband of Mead. Euphoria is a story of passion, possession, exploration, and sacrifice. It is a beautifully written sensual love triangle in extremes. It is a mysterious and atmospheric novel.

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