10 Best Travel and Tourism Books


Today we will look into some of the best travel and tourism books that exist around us. Any social and economic condition affects the tourism industry, and similarly the tourism industry affects both. With this in mind we shall look at some of the works in this field.

Miranda Bay

Miranda Bay is a young impulsive woman who purchases a resort in the Miranda Bay, the tropical islands of New Zealand. This she does without any knowledge of running a business in there, just because the place has the same name as her. She considers this a "meant to be" event. Although, what she didn't know was meant to be was getting cheated by her financial adviser. Now under financial stress and unfathomable guests, she takes desperate and risky decisions. Susan Tarr's brilliant portrait of a sweet dream going bad in a tourism business gets more realistic than ever.

Tourism Planning: Basics, Concepts, Cases

This books provides an insight into the balance required between services and resources in tourism. Resources is on which everything depends, from the start to the end. To adequately make an equation that is fruitful is not quite easy. This descriptive guide starts from grassroots level, with examples and concepts to support it. A person planning on starting with a tourism business would find this book of great help.

Tourism 1 Student’s Book

This book focuses mainly on the communications part of tourism industry. Students getting into this must have certain communication skills to keep par with the tourists. This book divides communication in tourism into three parts; Provisions, Encounters and Management. Robin and Keith talk about all the provisions in this work field, gives various examples for problems faced during encounters. The book also gives detailed ways to counter these problems. It is a quick guide and a student's textbook for managing tourism.

Devil’s Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West

The West was always perceived by the Americans as a great potential tourist destination. They were right to certain extents,but the twentieth-century tourism brought about a great change. Hal talks about all the devious things behind this tourism. The costs of running it overwhelms the benefits of it. The control of tourism has slowly but greatly moved out of the hands of the Americans, to the outsiders who stay. Hal describes this as a colonization of the twentieth-century, that affects everybody in the west. The book aptly projects the scenario which none should ignore.

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1,000 Places to See Before You Die

A humongous guide that talks about 1000 great places to see on this planet. From hidden islands, monuments, tombs, castles, gardens, waterfalls, beaches to restaurants, hotels, houses, and parks; this book describes about all these places. The author has divided the book geographically, and gives a page to each location. Details about the locations consist "how to reach there" and also the most suitable time to visit. What to see and why is also mentioned by the veteran tourist writer Schultz. This book actually conveys how hot tourist spots are not always the most worthy places to see in your life. There are some greatly isolated but magnificent.

Global Tourism

This book is a compilation of all the tourism organizers and managers around the globe. With increasing importance of global tourism on the economics, there is great pressure to analyze the prospects in this industry. Thus, this book contains all the problems and solutions faced by the people in this sector. It also contains excerpts from real life experiences of pioneers of this field. Full with examples and analysis, Global Tourism is a farsighted analytic book of the travel and tourism sector.

Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

This hospitality marketing guides is a easy to read and state of the art book. Consisting of real life cases and examples of tourism marketing, this book is quite comprehensive. It shows accepted and successful ways in which managers deal with the balance between objectives and resources. The book starts with an understanding in hospitality and tourism marketing and then goes on to the importance of it. A must have book for any tourism industry associate, this book widely preaches the concept of "Atithi Devo Bhava".

Tourism Planning: An Integrated and Sustainable Development Approach

This book gives an insight into managing the tourism in the developed, developing and under-developed countries. It provides with planning techniques and other managing hacks into this tourism sector. It renders to tourism that consorts with the society's need and desires. It is a very profound look in into the vast planning that goes behind tourism of a country or a state and the benefits that the society reaps out of it.

The Art of Travel

This book not only tells us where to travel but also how and why. Consisting of a list of places to travel to, with a descriptive way to go there, why to go there text. She cites many other great travelers, like Van Gogh, Wordsworth and Baudelaire. Alain de Botton takes the reader with her to these wonderful places in virtual reality and then helps them to go there in reality.

Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies

This is an introduction to tourism guide-book. It focuses on the effect of global economics and events that affects tourism. Anyone in the tourism industry must consider social and economic factors along with tourism in his side of work. It gives an insight into travel and tourism and follows on the accepted philosophies and norms of the industry. It also becomes the pioneer for some of these philosophies and principles.

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