Top 10 New Age Books of 2016 – India


This collection of new age books has been collated from the very best and if you were looking to kick start your spiritual journey, then you would definitely need to check out these books. While the books may range from simple to the more nuanced complex topics, they should still enable you to attain the fulfillment you were looking for. Without much further ado,


The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

This new age book forces you to explore the forbidden as it gets you to unshackle yourself from generations of limits and restraints. What this book underscores and brilliantly at that is the fact that generations of societal rules, be it religion or otherwise, tend to come with limits and restraints. While it should be pointed out that this book is not about breaking laws, it nevertheless gets you to push the boundaries and in the process, give a spurt to your personal growth. With this book, you can now redefine happiness, achievement, success and much more by your own terms rather than ideologies or rules that no longer make sense in the modern world. A definite must read for all and one of the top books.

The wisdom of Sundays

This book by Oprah Winfrey is based on the famous super soul Sunday and stands out on account of its awe inspiring message and sheer depth. The book features ten chapters, and each featuring the impact it had on Oprah Winfrey and her own personal transformation. These chapters also come with one on one conversation with important visionaries like Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and much more. The book comes paired with some of the outstanding images and photographs and coupled with inspiring content, it is bound to transform you from within. If you were looking for an inspiring book to read, then you definitely need to read this one for it ranks as one of the top 10 new age books of 2016.

The Four agreements

When you read this book it forces you to look within yourself and realize how age old beliefs, word of mouth rules that have been handed down for generations are molding you today. The book list out four agreements which is based on ancient Toltec wisdom which does not seek or force you to conform to Toltec wisdom but rather enables you to shirk all those limits and restraints that muddle your personal growth. Rather with this book, you should be able to redefine the basic parameters and seek better personal growth and achieve fulfillment. This book is a must read and has been featured on the best seller list for a long while now; it is no wonder that this book ranks rather high when it comes to book recommendations.

Medical Medium Thyroid Healing

Today Thyroid has come into sharp focus given the spurt in Thyroid related health issues. This book covers the wide range of Thyroid problems, and underscores some of the root causes for the same. But what this book does in the process is that it forces you to take a closer look at your own life and make the required changes to the same so that you can enjoy better health. The fact remains that most of the health issues are but an indication of a serious health issue, which is why you need this book, to attempt a positive change in the process. This is why you need to read this book today for a better in-depth understanding of this health issue, and how you can positively transform your life. It is no wonder why this book stands out as one of the top 10 new age books of 2016

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Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

The book underscores the need to tinker with your mental health in order to get more out of life; chances are that you are already familiar with depression, angst, anxiety, worry, stress and much more. What you may not be aware of is the fact most of these conditions have their roots in the mind which is where this book comes in. The book is based on mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), which teaches you to unleash the full benefits of mindfulness meditation. The meditation techniques recondition your brain and in the process enable you to reach better personal growth and personal fulfillment on a scale never seen before. So if you are looking for transformational books, this one is as good as it gets. So do make a point to read this book at the earliest and transform your life today; it is with good reason why this book ranks as one of the best book to reads.

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

The Danes are known for being one of the happiest people and rank quite high when it comes to the happiness scale. This book takes a look under the hood of the famed Danish happiness and brings to fore the untold secrets of Hygge. Hygge (pronounced as Hooga) is but a simplified recipe to a better living and enables you to do the same with a few simple techniques; it is based on harmony, better living and togetherness. Hygge is all about those special moments when you feel entirely satisfied at the moment, like when you are cuddling up with a loved one under the comforter or when you feel completely satiated and at peace with yourself. This book shows you how to make those moments last longer with a few simple tips and suggestions. If you are in the market for a transformational book, then you definitely need to read this one as it ranks as one of the top 10 books for obvious reasons.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

This book is about inner space and forces you on a transformational journey as you seek to attain that fulfillment that you have always been seeking. Personal growth can never be possible if you start your journey with “I can’t” and this book underscores the same by enabling you to get rid of these limits and restraints that you have placed on yourself. And as you attain better personal growth, the impact of the same on your professional career as well as on your loved ones should become apparent right away.  Singer’s book stands out when it comes to new age books for the simple reason that it starts your transformation right away by showing you how to get rid of those habits and thoughts that are impeding your growth. Do read this book and get started on the journey to rediscovering your “soul”; this book ranks rather high when it comes to book recommendations.

Behold the Spirit: A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion

Alain Watts new book certainly bucks the trend when it comes to new age books for it shows you how to understand ancient wisdom and to take the best features of the same and incorporate it into your life to achieve better personal growth. While most of the other books deride ancient customs and traditions, this one seeks to marry the same with modern life today. Alain has done a remarkable job of it and the content is rich, informative and filled with tips and suggestions that you can put to good use to achieve a better trajectory in your personal life today. It is no wonder that this book ranks as one of the top 10 new age books of 2016.

The Power of Now

The power of now is a powerful book in the sense it enables you to kick start your transformation right away as it takes you on the journey to discovering yourself, all over again. The book shows you how living in the past can only increase your pain and shows you how to lead a painless existence by living in the present. It shows you how to transform yourself overnight and in the process, achieve better spiritual and personal growth within a short time frame. A definite must read and one of the top 10 books when it comes to this niche.

Man’s Search for Meaning

Being a Nazi death camp survivor gives Viktor a new perspective when it comes to dealing with loss and how to personally transform yourself so that you achieve spiritual growth in the process. The book clearly details all the tips and suggestions that you need to change your life for the better and to start the process of self-transformation and in the process find the hidden meaning to life itself. This book also ranks as one of the top 10 new age books of 2016

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