7+ Best Romantic Comedy Novels 2015


“The key to make someone fall in love with you is by making them laugh the hardest. “-Anonymous Lover

There are many great love stories this world has known, all of them can be categorized in two. Comic and Tragic. We in an ecstatic mood will discus the former of these categories and list some of the best Rom-Com novels of all time. These are some of those great works where love doesn’t necessarily drown you or destroy you, it gives you a purpose.


A wealthy businessman, supercilious, arrogant and proud Mr. Darcy whose name one discovers with full revelation of his character. Elizabeth Bennett, a complex woman, compelled by her economic conditions to marry for stability,but a will to marry for love. Pride and Prejudice is one of the most famous books of the millennium, and can be found in most of the shelves. Jane Austen's one of a lifetime book showcases the perplexity of a woman, money and love, can she get both ?  

Playing for Keeps

Nobody tells Haley what to do. If only this was even partly true, but Haley is tired of it and a change would be welcome. She decides to whip the adorable man-next-door, a known player with great games under his sleeves, but lacking respect towards flowers. The man-next-door, Jason has no idea what has got into his timid neighbor when she bulks up against him. Between all this drama in R.L. Mathewson's Playing for Keeps , Haley fits perfectly in the void of Jason's life, but still remains too cautious to trust. Can Jason convince her and moreover himself, that this is not a game ?

The Rosie Project

Don Tillman, a professor of genetics, carefully calculates and predicts the characteristics of a perfect wife. He starts his mission to find this perfect wife who does not smoke, drink or be late ever. In a parallel life of her own, Rosie Jarman, a barmaid who smokes, drinks and is usually late is on her mission to find her biological father. Rosie needs a genetic expert for this, and thus begins the relationship of technically brilliant Don and frivolous Rosie. Through The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion makes us stand in Don's shoes and realize with him, love is not a result of calculated proceedings but a reaction of emotions.

A handsome, intelligent, multi-millionaire playboy Drew Evans has never experienced loss in his perfect-o-life. He has an art, and all necessary and sufficient tools of seduction, and is a heart-throb everyone wants to be with. In his perfect life, enter Katherine 'Kate' Brooks, an ambitious and competent young woman sailing her way towards success. The professional competition and unsuccessful attempts to woo Kate, leaves Drew despondent. Emma Chase's Tangled is a witty and romantic tangle of, love and lust. Can Drew untangle these emotions and win her love ?

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Bridget Jones’s Diary

Behold the diary of an obese, insecure and imperfect girl, who promises herself to change everyday. She has some short term goals for everyday that become the victim to procrastination. Losing weight, finding a guy, learning to program a VCR are some of those goals that Bridget Jones's Diary renders in such a poised manner that one must think themselves to be Bridget Jones of their lives. Helen Fielding's book revolves around the protagonist's,wants and the will-do-tomorrows in a comically engrossing and endearing manner.


In a new, large and cozy San Francisco apartment, everything is simple until the night blooms and her neighbor's bed booms. Thanks to the paper-thin walls Caroline can hear the pleasure his neighbor is serving, which goes on  with different sounds each night. Caroline fantasizes about this allegedly attractive neighbor of hers, that keep banging her brain's walls. Exhausted of her sexual-frustration, she decides to confront this neighbor of her's. Alice Clayton has put in a wonderful work of romantic-comedy as Caroline's fantasies, seem to turn true.

I’ve Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt is about to get married to her prince-charming, Magnus Tavish and be happy till the end of her days, but life isn't always that simple. In a confounding turn of events, she loses her engagement ring in hotel fire drill and her phone gets stolen. She finds a stray phone in the hotel lobby, a phone filled with the everyday life of its owner, Sam Roxton. As Sam and Poppy intertwine in each other's personal life, while Poppy goes on with her wedding, life turns out more complex for Poppy than she ever imagined. Sophie Kisella's engaging narration and hilarious twists keeps you at the end of your seats for the entire ride.

One day, Janie Morris broke up with her boyfriend, lost her apartment and was fired from her job. Could the day get any worse ? Janie meant it as a rhetoric question, but her luck still answered it. Quinn Sullivan, a handsome and charming man knows it all, and both of them keep crossing each other's paths. Penny Reid discovers in the book the aloof and reserved Janie after she gets an unexpected offer  from her harmless-stalking victim Quinn.

The most mortifying title one can receive is that of Friend-Zoned. Belle Aurora tells a simple, straight and common story in the most uncommon way, Nikolai falls in love with his friend. Valentina has grave commitment issues, and can thinks herself incapable of what Nik asks her of. As many people would call it, this is a "real" romantic story.


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