10 Best Adventure Story Books For Kids


The reason for the very existence of the genre of Adventure Story books for kids is the simple fact, that unless you incite the adrenaline of a child, he won’t activate his brain cells. Wrapping up important lessons in these thrilling adventures is a talent we will see instances of.

With great writers like Mark Twain and Jules Verne, possibly the founding fathers of English Literature as we know it today, also contributing to this genre. We shall now take a look a these adventure story books for kids.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic adventure book. A surreal adventure of two boys around the Mississippi Valley, this book is the simplest literature you can put your hands on. Ingeniously written by Mark Twain, once you start understanding and interpreting it, you will realize how complex this adventure gets. Humorous, adventurous and mesmerizing, this book has kept attracting readers for more than a century.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The first book that introduced to us the famous adventure story books character, Tom Sawyer, was a milestone in American literature. Tom Sawyer is grounded for fighting and obstreperous behavior, he is to whitewash the fence. This is how it all starts, his adventure. Ranging from fights, love, murder, conspiracy, lies and a cure to "warts", The Adventure of Tom Sawyer is truly an amazing ship to sail in. Mark Twain's nostalgia to his hometown, is clearly visible and so is his familiarity.

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins has stumbled upon a map of the Treasure Island, a place rumored to contain a great pirate treasure. On his quest to this island he is accompanied by various characters. On this quest he is also hindered by various ghoul villains and enemies. Then he finds a man, that cannot be categorized as evil or good. Treasure Island is not just a pirate adventure story, but the whole transition period of Jim, from being a boy to a man.

Robinson Crusoe

A man stranded on a desolate island, with nothing much useful with him might sound a cliché now, but Robinson Crusoe was where it all started. Forced to take shelter into a wild and unknown island, after getting shipwrecked, Robinson Crusoe learns how to survive in his crucible. For twenty-four years, he lives a life of solitude until he meets another human being brought to the island by a similar fate. Considered by many great novelists and authors as the best novel in English language, Robinson Crusoe surely became an inspiration for many similar stories to come.

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Nothing is more difficult for a kid than being an orphan. Pushed around, neglected and frowned upon, David Balfour has to take up an adventure he never could have imagined. He finds out about his father's legacy, and inheritance. Now he must step up against some really powerful people who had snatched his rights when he was born. The first book about the character and adventures of David Balfour, Kidnapped is another of Stevenson's classics.

The Call of the Wild

Buck has always been a spoon-fed dog, a high crossbreed of Shepherd and St. Bernard, raised up in a Californian home. But never did he feel any vanity or indifference to his life of luxury. One day, this life was snatched away from him as he gets kidnapped and is sold as a sled dog in the freezing conditions of Alaska. The Call of The Wild is a story about nature's fight for survival and its unbreakable spirit.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

People have reported a sea monster on the coast of New York. Professor Aronnax and his team are assigned to the task of investigating about this paranormal creature. They discover that there is no sea creature but a man-made submarine captained by Nemo. They are taken prisoner into the submarine, Nautilus and are taken deep into the wilderness of the sea. Intertwined with Sci-Fi, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea was a phenomenal success of its time.


Geppetto is a famous puppet master around the town. Kids are frequent visitors of his puppet shows. Especially, the puppet shows that feature somersaulting and talking puppet, Pinocchio. There is something more to this brat puppet, he longs to be a real boy. Just like the ones that come to see him. Possibly one of the most known stories to teach children the importance of truth, Pinocchio is an all time favorite for kids.

Point Blanc

Second book in the adventure of Alex Rider, an undercover kid working for the MI6. He is assigned to a mission in an elite prep school for teen rebels, after two fathers are murdered. All the kids act the same when Alex arrives there, and as Alex identifies the villain, the villain identifies him. Now its a chase in which both of them are hunters and preys. Its just a matter of wit.

Journey To The Center of the Earth

A dauntless professor Liedenbrock, his nephew Axel and their guide Hans set on an adventure to reach the core of the Earth. They enter a dormant Icelandic volcano, to breach the Earth's crust and unveil the prehistoric mysteries of the Earth. They do find answers to some of the questions, but as they go deeper more questions arise. Finally they do find prehistoric knowledge, but the medium was ever unexpected.

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