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When it comes to cookbooks, especially Indian cookbooks, the challenge often lies in picking the right one. More often than not, most of the authors are restricted by space and the number of words and as a result, they tend to list incomplete directions whereas others often do not bother to test the recipe in detail before publishing the same in their book. This list contains some of the best Indian cookbooks, time-tested and prepared by some of the top chefs specializing in Indian food, happy cooking.


Tasting India

This is more of a travel guide rather than just a cook book; Christine collected all the recipes in this book during her travel from the length and breadth of India. And while most of the people in the west tend to think that Indian cuisine is all about Tandoori and Biriyanis, they would definitely need to do a rethink. The book manages to encompass nearly every facet of Indian cooking at its best and covers some of the best curries, dals, and gravies, replete with tradition, Indian culture at its best. The book contains over 250 recipes, not kidding and if you were looking for the perfect guide to Indian cooking, you could not go wrong by selecting this one. This book definitely stands out as one of the best books to read,

50 Great Curries of India

Cooking a curry can often take a while and the process is rather intricate which is why you would definitely need this book as it clearly illuminates the process to cooking that perfect curry. Containing over 50 recipes, collected from all over India this cookbook stands out on its own merit with the sheer depth of information provided for each one. But what makes this book all the more enjoyable are the illustrations and the clear step by step process outlined by the author. Apart from the main recipe, she also provides an anecdotal touch to the same, enabling you to understand the recipe better.  A definite must read especially if you are planning to host a party and need to cook an outstanding curry; it certainly ranks as one of the top 10 cookbooks.

Made in India: Cooked in Britain

Meera Sodha has finally come out with a scintillating cookbook that’s bound to both shock and awe your taste buds. The book has been mainly designed with the western audience in mind and is geared to help those unfamiliar with cooking Indian Cuisine to become an expert in the same overnight. As you read the recipes you will soon see why Meera Sodha’s cookbook stands out as one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2016 for all the right reasons. The recipes are simple, quite easy to follow and come with a detailed step by step process along with the required illustrations. It is currently available in hardcover as well as paperback version.  It comes packed with over 130 recipes ranging from curries, chapattis, nans to biryanis and nearly all have been collated from her own extended family. So if you were looking for the perfect cookbook to help you cook Indian cuisine, then you definitely need to read this one as it happens to be one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2016.

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

When it comes to Indian food, most of the cuisine contains dairy products in one form or another; however Richa has managed to track down traditional recipes that use none as well as modifying some of the popular recipes so that they contain no dairy products without any loss in taste or flavor. The book contains it all from rich smoky curries to dals; indian breads and much more and all of it vegan. The neat part about the book is the simplistic style adopted by the author without making it too complex, which should make it a lot easier for you or for anyone else to cook the same right away. It also comes with detailed descriptions, step by step process as well as rich illustrations. From spicy tofu scramble to potato quinoa patties, this book has it all and so much more. A definite must read especially if you happen to be a vegan and are into Indian cuisine; the rich amount of detail is one of the reasons why this cookbook stands out as one of the top 10 cookbooks.

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Entice With Spice: Easy Indian Recipes for Busy People

When it comes to cooking Indian cuisine, most amateurs give up because they tend to get confused or imagine that the cooking process would take hours. Actually both are nothing more than urban myths as this book shows you to cook a complete course in quick time. The author is a first generation Indian American who creates magic with her fabulous and mouth-watering authentic recipes.  The book comes loaded with various recipes including curries and savories and provides you with a detailed step by step process, easy to understand description and much more along with interesting illustrations.  It also comes loaded with various tips and shortcuts which you can put to good use to cut down on the cooking time. If you were looking for an easy authentic Indian cookbook then you definitely need this one; moreover it also ranks as one of the best books to read.

Prashad At Home: Everyday Indian Cooking From Our Vegetarian Kitchen

If you were looking for perfect home cooked food, then you could not go wrong with this one. The author has collected most of these recipes from her grandmother and to claim that they are mouthwatering would be an understatement of sorts.  This  book offers a less hyped but alternative look at Indian cuisine and makes it possible for you to cook simple home cooked food that’s healthy as well as tasty. Most of these recipes featured here can be cooked with readily available ingredients and should not take that long to cook as well. And moreover, if you love your curries you would definitely love this book; it also happens to be one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2016 for its detailed approach, simplistic style and beautiful illustrations

Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible

If you were looking for an ultimate coffee table book then this one would be it for it offers you the ultimate collection of curries, panning the length and breadth of India. Madhur Jaffrey has already gained repute for being outstanding where Indian cuisine is concerned and her cookbook should have you cooking like her in no time at all. The neat thing about this book is that Madhur manages to explore the influences of curry worldwide, with their own local variant of the authentic Indian version. The book offers you tips, suggestions and shortcuts to cut down on the cooking time. It certainly stands out for all the right reasons which is why it is one of the top 10 cookbooks.

The Curry Secret: How To Cook Real Indian Restaurant Meals At Home

Have you ever wondered why the same dish you had cooked at home tastes different from the one served at the restaurant? If so, then you definitely need this cookbook as it shows you how to cook traditional Indian dishes the way it is usually cooked in a restaurant. This book is not the traditional Indian cookbook in the sense it shows you how to master recipes and cook them the same way as they do so in a restaurant or a café. A definite must read and it already has a cult following – that’s why this book is one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2016

Rick Stein’s India

Rick Stein had recently traveled to India as part of a BBC cooking show and now, he has managed to compile his experiences with authentic Indian recipes in the form of a cookbook. This book is slightly unusual in the sense it comes loaded with the local flavor and taste, so you end up getting more than a simplified version of an authentic Indian recipe. This book certainly stands out as one of the top book recommendations

The Dal Cookbook

The humble Dal is one of the staple foods of Indian cuisine and nearly every household in India cooks one variant of it or the other. Krishna brings this to the fore with her immaculate style by presenting authentic dal recipes that have been collated from the length and breadth of India. Each recipe is detailed enough, fast to cook and follows a step by step process that should have you replicating the dish in no time at all. A definite must read and this book certainly stands out as one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2016 for all the right reasons.

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