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If you are looking for a place to get lost into, another world to immerse yourself in and experience all the joys and despairs of fictional people, ranging from the greats to the poorest, but for one thing- an inspiring story tagged to each and every one of them, then you have come to the right place to start that endless and enduring journey. Each of these marvels below have a great message to convey to the world, to the reader fortunate enough to come across them. As 2015 is coming to an end and as we look back, this year brought to us great movies, horrible disasters, unfortunate incidents, memorable moments and a great many things, which include a vast array of a great number of amazing books. Here for your pleasure, we cherry-pick some of them without any bias whatsoever. So get ready to dive into the endless sea of fiction and be prepared to drown in another universe of endless possibilities.

P.S: You might lose track of time while immersed in these books, so be careful.

The Nightingale

It's the Nazi era and France is yet to be invaded by the Fuhrer's army of doom. But they're coming for France to spread their tyranny. On the other side, this invasion is about to change the lives of two sisters forever. The two sisters, who are like the two opposite sides of a coin, differ in their age,ideals and mentalities but are united by one single important thing- their struggle to live and let live. This fascinating tale of two siblings penned by bestselling author Kristin Hannah shows us the other, often neglected side of war, the struggles of women during these harsh times and is bound to rekindle the flame of justice and equality present in each and every one of our hearts.

Mitch Albom's musical-literary marvel takes us on a wonderful and epic journey through the life of a maestro and the greatest musician who ever lived, in another fictional world. The power of music in changing the lives of people, the extraordinary role of talent in influencing our  lives and most importantly the omnipresent Spirit Of Music that acts as a guide to the boat that steers the lives of six people is what the author has to offer us. Their lives , which we live vicariously through this wonder of a book, are changed forever by the six musical and magical strings of the legendary Frankie Presto, an inspiration to all the music greats out there. Mitch, a musician himself does what he does best and brings life to this book by writing about what he loves most in the world and how it effects all those around him.

The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry

This is an amazing book to start for all you first-time readers, as the essence of this story deals with second chances and the breaking of that cocoon of grief and depression, to look at the world anew and to be reborn again. If life is not going your way, be assured that this is not the floor you were destined to walk on and you have a higher ground to reach, a higher goal to achieve and the blinds clouding your eyes are but an arms reach away from your destination. Through the life of A.J.Fikry, author Gabrielle Zevin, gives us a chance to live through that life in the dark full of gloom unable to look at the light in front of us, while on the other hand experience the delights of nature and the meaning of life and love once we break through that shell. This will be a promising journey which will reveal to the readers the true meaning of life.

All the Light We Cannot See

This book takes us back to the time of World War II , but focuses on exploring the blossoming relationship between a blind French girl and a German boy, both as different in their ambitions as the sky and the land, in a war-torn Nazi-occupied French city. Their lives are entwined together forever by one fateful encounter, and they come  face to face with the hardest choices of their lives, their hands tied by their nationalities but united by their love for one another. This enchanting tale of endless love, penned by Anthony Doerr, teaches us the value of being good to other people and will definitely stay in our minds for a very long time.

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The Shepherd’s Crown

The last installment in the DiscWorld series, this book marks the ending of a good series of novels as well as the unfortunate demise of the author, Terry Pratchett, recently. In case you haven't heard of this series before, don't fret that you're starting with the last book in a series. You can always start with the first book and enjoy the long and exciting story roll out in front of you. But do know that this will be a great conclusion to a great story. Have you ever thought from the perspective of a witch in the battle between Witches and Fairies . I'm sure none of you must've given more than a few seconds to it, with this preconceived notion that witches are evil compared to the other side. But for a second, leave all these predispositions aside and start with this book, to train you're sense of judgement to look at both sides of the story, albeit a childish fantasy, but bejeweled with lessons of life.

The Girl on the Train

Rachel's journey is the same monotonous one that she has to go through everyday. That same commuter train, that same route, the same people she sees at a particular stop everyday and so on. But one day, she sees something rather strange and shocking through the tinted windows of the train. Just for a minute mind it, but that one minute will change her life forever and throw her life into a mess of complications. Go on and read this debut gripping thriller penned by Paula Hawkins, a book that'll change all your future train journeys for life and awaken that lost inquisitive side in you.

A Man Called Ove

We all are familiar with that infamous grumpy neighbour, and must've experienced those millions of emotions running through us for one simple reason that our cricket ball fell in his balcony, atleast once in our lifetime. Well, this is another of those stories about a grumpy old man misunderstood by a whole neighbourhood , but with a modern retake. Based in Sweden, this is one of the classic examples of the phrase "Never judge a book by it's cover". What happens when a new family moves in next to the man in question, the hilarity in the confrontations of these neighbours, a heartwarming tale of truly understanding a person and exploring the impact of a single person on multiple lives- is what the author Fredrick Backman has in store for all the readers of this gem of a book.

Precious Gifts

Danielle Steele's bestselling novel, Precious Gifts is the touching tale of three daughters and a mother, and their extraordinary journeys, laid out in front of them in the form of precious gifts left by their father/husband that change their lives forever. This story is all about a mother's boundless love and about how fate leads us to our destinies in the most surprising of ways. It is also a tale of courage, self-realization and overcoming roadblocks to see the path that is clearly in front of us and most importantly following it to it's blissful ending.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

The master-storyteller Stephen King, literally the king of short fiction strikes yet again with this fascinating collection of short stories, which is a pleasant reminder of his debut collection of short stories which broke into the world of fiction with a bang, about thirty five years ago. These set of stories deal with a variety of realms, from the mystical to the real-world, from the eerie to the amiable, from the devilish to the godly and every story has some surprise gift-wrapped in it, just waiting to reveal itself to the bravest of the brave who take upon the daunting task of touching this book and reading through it. On the brighter side, be prepared to go through a roller coaster ride but then again, be cautious, for the track maybe be broken anywhere.

Blood Kiss

This book marks the start of the Black Dagger legacy and sets a high bar for the upcoming books in the series. It is a unique story of the life of the daughter of a noble, who breaks free from the shackles of aristocracy and enters a life full of danger and self-realisation alike. But soon, her life comes to a fork in the road, and she is forced to choose between her love and her career. What happens in this sensual and enlightening journey is what you will learn once you make the good decision of picking up this book and starting right away!

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