Top 10 Classic and Fantasy Science Fiction Books


Science has led us to develop and innovate technologies which were only imagination in the past. Imagination has led us to achieve summits which were impossible in the past. Science-Fiction is this imagination depicted, projected and written scrumptiously for readers to devour. We will take a look at ten of the classic and fantasy Sci-Fi books/novels which are a must read for the Sci-Fi fanatics.


Frank Herbert's Dune tells a story of a future Universe where planets are controlled by aristocrat and noble families owing allegiance to an Imperial family. Of one such family is Paul Attreides of House Attreides that controls the desert planet of Arrakis. Arrakis becomes the center of attraction for great powers and a victim of politics and war. Dune is a Sci-Fi book which drifts through religion, politics, emotions, conquests and battles.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

You can find romance, adventure and drama usually linked with the serious Sci-Fi genre, but Adam Douglas' unusual, unbounded and unconventional comedy which belittles grave threats and all that is wrong with the world in ways which would magnify it for the world to realize, has fascinated the world, the galaxy. Benign observations and malevolently hysterical implementations by Adam sends one drifting, thinking how important little things are, such as knowing where your towel is. Arthur Dent is saved by his friend Ford Prefect, who is neither a car nor a human, moments before Earth faces its destruction. Ford is working on a travel guide-cum-encyclopedia for interstellar travelers, while travelling on a ship stolen by the President of the Galaxy, another escapee human and Marvin- a robot who can feel but chooses to be in despair all the time. It is an adventure, a guide which seemingly could help you across the galaxy, and certainly on Earth yet to be destroyed.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A tantalizing journey through the outer space, with mysticism, betrayal and debris as all kinds of impediments for the characters that Arthur C. Clarke sketches for the readers. 2001 becomes a window to get a glimpse to the mysteries of human civilization and its existence while being a quintessence for one of the many, probably the most exhilarating theory of human becoming. Heywood Floyd, heads towards the moon in search of this theory, and thus raises questions of human origins and God's hand in it. Dave Bowman, another astronaut, with his crew-mates in cryogenic sleep and an advanced technology artificial intelligence HAL are on their journey towards Saturn. What happens when a highly efficient computer devoid of emotions and sentiments, feels the need to resent ?  

1984 is an augury of 1984 by George Orwell. The book displays a dreaded dystopian future, a place where the world is headed if it keeps on the current course. This book is an epitome of an apocalyptic paranoia prognosticated by Owell where the corporate has more value for profits than life. "This book is a warning, not a guide."

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The Time Machine

The Time Machine is a timeless book, a first of its kind by H.G. Wells, which set the bar high for others who followed and will keep glowing as an inspiration for many more to come. The protagonist travels 800,000 years into the future to see a slowly perishing Earth. He discovers two eccentric races in this future world which depict two dissimilar attributes of the humans in the present world. The book is a beautiful mixture of farsighted imagination and an appealing journey. Wells truly created a work beyond his time with the creation of The Time Machine.

Ender’s Game

There has been a never fulfilled need of a General in the war against the buggers that has continued for over a hundred years now. Genetic experimentation is realized to be the only way possible, and through such experimentation, emerges Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin. A six year old who is admitted into a Battle School to face harshest atmosphere, to forge him into a 'Perfect' General. He has two older siblings that have been the result of same experimentation. The three of them can save the world if there remains a world to be saved. The Hugo and Nebula award winning book by Orson Scott Card captures a dying planet pumping all its heart to salvage what they can.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has on display a post apocalyptic nation of Panem , centrally controlled by a wealthy Capitol and consisting of 12 poorer Districts. The Capitol quelled the rebellion of the 13th District, of which only ruins remain, in the past initiating an inter District championship, called Hunger Games. A boy and a girl are chosen through a lottery system from each district to compete each other in a game of death. Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old volunteers for the slaughter when her younger sister is picked. Suzanne Collins' depiction of this world, Katniss and the battle for life is extreme in all aspects. The book is the first in the series, followed by Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

The Martian

Recently depicted as a movie starring Matt Damon, The Martian is an endearing experience of a man stranded in unknown lands devoid of any hope of surviving. The only tools he is left with are his intelligence and handy skills, and a will to live. Andy Weir compels the reader to get stranded on Mars and start living with the protagonist Mark as he battles the harshness of Mars to make it a haven, but Mars has its own surprises. The journey of one man from hoping to die to hoping to see Earth again, The Martian.


Veronica Roth's Divergent takes us to a broken world where characteristics are no more mere human qualities but, outside in their world as factions. A division based on the abilities of individuals, this book is a beautifully illustrated, dreadful struggle of Beatrice Prior who has to choose between her loved ones and her dream. This book is a first person narrative which'll let you inside Beatrice's skin as she struggles her way through the dystopian society with a secret she has to keep. She finds friendship, love and animosity in her adolescence as she takes a decision which would change her life with blood in her hands. It is the first book of the trilogy of the same name.  

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley defines a semi-perfect world where its occupants are artificially made to live in ecstasy and bliss. Genetic engineering, recreational drugs and brainwashing are used to create this blithe atmosphere. The protagonist Bernard Marx visits one of the Savage Reservations, where people still live the 'old-life', an imperfect but natural life. Is this the freedom Bernard has been longing for all his years, or is he going to get deeper into the complexities of the society ? Aldous Huxley's future world is analogous to the present today as it explains the undying wish of humans to be happy.



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