Top 3 Books by Jandy Nelson


Superstitious and daydreamer, Jandy Nelson is an American author born in 1965, New York. She is the author of young fictions. She is awarded winni9ng author, as she was awarded by California book award in 2014 for I’ii give you the sun. She has written many novels. Jandy novels are beautiful, funny and humor about love, grief, and forgiveness. Nelson worked for 13 years as a literary agent. She completed her graduation from Cornell University and post graduation from Brown University. She has studied creative writing and literature. Her novels are generally promoting the human ethical values.

The novel teaches us the importance of family and siblings in life. The Novel helps us to acquire the moral values. The author is a very creative writer and plotted the novel so well, that the reader gets stuck to the novel. One of the most advantages of her novel is that the novel is suitable for every age group. The mentioned below are the best selling book by Jandy Nelson.  The books are very beneficial to understand the family bonding.

I’ll Give You the Sun

The book narrates the relationship between the Noah and twin Jude. They were happy together, later parted with due to tragic circumstances. Jude meets the beautiful boy and Noah has her story. once met back and change the world.

Read it For:
If you love to read the romantic story you will definitely find the book interesting. The book covers the entire concept very well.
Don't Read it For:
Those who love to read history and long books will find book boring. As the book is full of emotions and family bonds.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is very well written. Each of the facts is well described by the author. The Characters are very well developed.

The Sky Is Everywhere

Read it For:
This book is highly recommended for a young adult, those who believe in love and romance.
Don't Read it For:
Those who love adventure and horror fiction will find book boring. Once you start reading you will find interesting facts about family bonding.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is well plotted that it keeps the reader hooked up until the end. A character is vivid in such an amazing book written.

Jandy Nelson Slipcase

The book follows the story of a sibling, whose father died in some tragedy. The book revolves around the story of two siblings that how they fight against bad period and turn life happy.

Read it For:
If you are a family lover and bonded tightly to your sibling, then this is a perfect match for you. As the book contains the story of two siblings.
Don't Read it For:
If you are not interested in emotional and drama read, then you may find the book boring. The Overall book is well plotted and described well.
What makes this book stand out?:
The plot is well designed to glue the reader. The characters are very descriptive. The book is very heartwarming and emotional to read.

The above mentioned are best books by Jandy Nelson. One can go through these books and make their family relation strong. The novel inspires the person in many ways.

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