10+ Best Detective Novels


We have witnessed numerous respected and admired, ingenious fictional detective in the last century. Investigating on both the covert and overt aspects of a crime, these detectives have found a way into people’s heart with their brilliance. The thrilling mystery, then the investigation and the suspense and finally the revelation of the culprit and the motive has kept readers engrossed. We will in the following article unravel some of these wonderful detectives and their adventures.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The book that launched Agatha Christie's flamboyant career, and the established the famous Hercule Poirot. Rumors spark that the widow who gave up her life had murdered her husband long back and had been unfaithful, involved with the wealthy Roger Ackroyd. Hercule Poirot takes interest in the case after Roger is murdered in his locked study after he receives a letter identifying the blackmailer of the widow. The butler, Roger's stepson and sister-in-law are the prime suspects in this murder mystery. Hercule aims to solve it with the help of a doctor and James and Caroline Sheppard.

The Hound Of Baskervilles

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most prolific work, Sherlock Holmes has a new challenge. The ingenious detective and his partner Dr. Watson have faced and solved many mysterious cases, but now face one more terrifying than mysterious. Sir Charles Baskerville is dead, in his mansion with prints of a giant hound's paws beside his body. This pumps the legend of the beast that haunted the Baskervilles since ancient times, and the closest descendant who is going to be a resident of the Baskerville house could be next. Will the fanatics and mysticism of the case overwhelm the motive and reason ?

Four members of a family are dead and the principal suspect, the father is fighting for his life in an ICU. The Boston neighborhood is perplexed, and Detective D.D. Warren investigates the atrocity with most sincerity. Nurse Danielle Burton has lived through a devastating family tragedy, but Warren's interrogation gets her caught into the whirlpool of past. There is but one more person who is going to be affected by this mystery, a devoted mother, Victoria Oliver, the only support to her disturbed child, as Lisa Gardener's female detective tries to find all the loose ends.

The A.B.C Murders

A serial killer shows great appreciation for the alphabet and as a morbid tribute starts killing along the characters.Leaving behind the A.B.C Railway Guide open to the page of the town that the murder took place in is part of his modus operandi. The smart and stealthy criminal challenges Hercule Poirot as he aspires to reach his goals. Agatha Christie's great detective aims to stop him, the question is, can he do it before more people die ?

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The Silence of the Lambs

A serial killer is on the loose,who values the beauty of the skin and an amateur investigator tries to skin the mystery and find the next victim before the killer. She seeks help from a man in a mental asylum, with a cannibalistic past, who won't deal without his demands fulfilled. Thomas Harris's second book with the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter is an engrossing and spine-chilling mystery, and the protagonist will realize sooner or later that Hannibal knows when someone lies.

The Maltese Falcon

Sam Spade is a private detective of the Archer and Spade agency in Dashiell Hammet's The Maltese Falcon. He is hired by Miss Wonderly, to track down Mr. Thursby who has eloped with her little sister. But Miss Wonderly has perfidy hidden behind her striking beauty. As Spade's partner Miles Archer gets shot while following Mr. Thursby he becomes one of the suspects for the murder. Can Spade get out of all this chaos with a profit rather than harm ? Can he find the bird encrusted with jewels, the Maltese Falcon.

The Big Sleep

A dying-millionaire's last wish is to get rid of the blackmailer of one of his distressed daughter, and for this he hires Philip Marlowe. As Marlowe starts his investigation, he finds the claws of this case impaled deeper than extortion. Pornography, kidnapping and murder become few of the inhibitions in this case.

The Madman of Bergerac

Geroge Siminon's Inspector Maigret is on his way to a vacation in Dordogne, but finds himself caught up in a mystery. His travel companion, a perturbed man jumps off the train into the woods, and Maigret gets shot. He ends up in Bergerac, in pursuit of a madman terrorizing the citizens of the small town in France. One of these respectable residents of the hypocrite town is the culprit.

The Nine Tailors

Nine strokes from the bell tower sound the death of an unknown man, as a disfigured corpse is found in an old parish in East-Anglia. The pastor contacts Lord Peter Wimsey to unravel the mysteries behind this peculiar case, which will become one of the most complicated case of the detective's professional career. Dorothy L. Sayers is considered as one of the best mystery and crime writers, and this is (allegedly) his best work.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Edgar Allan Poe's The Murder in the Rue Morgue is decorated as the first detective story and C. Auguste Dupin became a benchmark for all the fictional detectives that followed. C. Auguste Dupin is investigating into the murder of two young women, with witnesses disagreeing on the language spoken by the suspect when they heard them, and a hair that doesn't belong to a man or woman. The methods the detective used and the way of storytelling defines the genre that followed, as Poe lit the torch.

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