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Born on 19th September 1972, Rebecca L. Skloot is an American freelance writer. She specializes in science and medicine. The writer has over two hundred article published, comprising of stories and essays over the years. She has been published in noted and high profile magazines such as The New York Times, Discover, and O: The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and so on. The writer has taught her craft of creative writing and journalism of science at top universities such as New York University, University of Memphis and the University of Pittsburgh. Skloot now also works as a contributing editor for the Popular Science magazine.  Various accolades have been granted for Rebecca Skloot best sellers. For her celebrated article, ‘Two Americas, Two restaurants, One Town’ she has won the Best American Food Writing. For Rebecca Skloot’s best book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, she has won awards like the Wellcome Trust Book Prize, Best Young Adult book Award by American Association for the Advancement of Science, The General Nonfiction Award from Medical Journalist’s Association Open Books, The Audie Award for Best Non-fiction audiobook and the Best book award by National Academics of Science Communication.  The best books by Rebecca Skloot in order are listed below for your perusal.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The book talks about the immortal cell line that had been created from the cervical cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks. This book published by the author is also considered Rebecca Skloot's best book best book. A lot of information has also been gleaned from the journal left by Deborah Lacks, the daughter of Henrietta Lacks.

Read it For:
The reader's who like to read about research and scientific stories would like it.
Don't Read it For:
The people who do not like to read scientific stories would not like it.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book states about dealing with ethical issues that arise due to race and class in important fields like medical research. The book is an exemplary example of medical writing.

The Best American Science Writing

It is another one of Rebecca Skloot best sellers. The book, which has been once referred to as 'superb brain candy', lists together with the best science writing of the entire year and reviews them. The author sheds light on the other great scientific publications of our time.

Read it For:
The readers who like to read non-fiction scientific stories would love it.
Don't Read it For:
The readers who don't want to spend their time in reading non-fictional stories would not like it.
What makes this book stand out?:
It tells us why we need the scientific discoveries we claim are very important for modernization, and how it might also negatively affect us.

The Best American Science and Nature Writing

The book, third of Rebecca Skloot best sellers covers everything from deep ocean mining to conservation strategies. It is a plethora of diverse topics which covers growth in the fields of science and nature alike. It also covers the strains that our planet face due to the unfettered ways of industrialization.

Read it For:
The readers who likes to read about nature and their conservation would like it.
Don't Read it For:
The readers who are reading for just entertainment and not for information won't like it.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book isn't a list of articles which became most popular. It reviews the books and tells us why we should or should not read the listed articles.

Rebecca Skloot books try to delve into the connection which is ignored by fiction, science fiction, and science writers. Rebecca Skloot’s popular novels are one of the authors we can depend on.  Thus the best Rebecca Skloot books in order are listed above.

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