Top 10 Nursing Educational Books


We have listed down some of the best nursing educational books, for beginning, amateur and even professional nurses. Nursing is a very important part of the recovery process, a doctor can cure the disease but only a nurse can cure the illness. Nursing requires great understanding of a patient during his illness. We have tried to list at least one book on important and different topics that are paramount.

Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes

This book is very reader friendly and is very easy to follow to. With almost 200 care plans for nurses about ordinary problems they face. Though being easy-to-use, this doesn't compensate with its technicality. It is technical enough for nurses to treat the patients. It also comes with an online patron.

2009 Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide

This is an excellent reference book for nurses to refer the common drugs they use. Filled with lists of common drugs, their use, overdose and side-effects. It is a very useful guide for beginning nurses as they are not always familiar with all the drugs and medicines. Though this book is a little old, it is still relevant.

Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness

A traditional book explaining about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Also gives a sense of processes happening inside the body during particular illnesses. This gives an easy understanding of what exactly needs treatment during different diseases. This kind of comprehensive knowledge provides the nurses with the capability to treat better.

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science

Atul shares his experience as a surgeon. The problems he faced, major and minor; and all other impediments that are common. Its like a pool of experience every nurse must take a dip into to understand the field better. It also is a risk reducing guide, that can help preventing complications.

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The Comfort Garden, Tales from the Trauma Unit

This book is especially targeted for psychiatric nurses. These nurses help patients to recover from traumas that have affected their lives. This book is based on a real-life experience of a nurse who has been a psychiatric nurse for five years. This book is a profound guide for this intricate job.

Intensive Care: The Story of a Nurse

It is a 1980s book but still holds relevance for nurses today. It is a real life experience of the author as a nurse that makes it a very comprehensive book. Her projection of the work nurses do is an intimate relation of care and compassion. This book pays special attention to responding during emergency events and working in an ICU.

Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing

An especially important book for nurses working in a cardiac center. It is a detailed guide for nursing patients after a cardiac surgery. The first day and the following week are especially critical for patients that have had a heart surgery. Special requirements are also noted in this guide.

Think Twice! More Lessons from the ER

At first look this book might be considered as only humorous. But it gives a special insight to nurses working in critical care and ER. This is a compilation of conversations between nurses, which makes it an easy to read guide. It is widely considered as one of the must read books for nurses.

When Nurses Hurt Nurses: Recognizing and Overcoming the Cycle of Bullying

Nurses' first duty is to take care of their patients and take them from illness to health. Sometimes though, working closely and often in the interest of the patient, but with different ideas leads to conflicts. Nurse bullying can be a problem for nurses as well as the patient. This book helps in detecting and stopping it. The best way to diffuse such a situation is by changing it before it even starts.

The Everything New Nurse Book

A beginner's guide book for nurses that want to start from the grassroots level. This is wonderful resource book to help them face the normal problems faced by beginning nurses. It has a list of to-do and not to-do to help the amateur nurses. Can be classified as a must have book for new nurses to look into when they face a problem.

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