Top 10 Mathematics Books of 2016 – India


Mathematics is a universal language, one that transcends both borders and space – in fact, the famed SETI program used to send messages based on mathematical equations in the hopes of connecting with a sentient alien civilization. This is why it pays to read and review some, if not all the top 10 mathematics books of 2016 – India


The Man Who Knew Infinity

The book concerns the Indian genius, a self-taught mathematician, with a urge to develop formulas and play around with strange numbers. The world is yet to see a mathematician equal to his caliber and though his genius was realized at a young age resulting in him moving to Cambridge in 1912 to develop his research, he sadly passed away by 1920. He left behind invaluable research that still continues to stymie some of the best minds in the world today. This memoir is dedicated to the man behind the numbers, Srinivasa Ramanujam and the rich legacy that he had left behind. The book offers a look under the hood as to what made this genius mathematician tick, and provides you with a ringside view of his life as it unfolded, with rich detail. A definite must read top 10 mathematics books of 2016

Mathematics for class 11

The books come in two volumes and come with an answer key to all the relevant problems covered in these books. These books are designed mainly for those studying in the CBSC system and provide you with all the information, tips and suggestions that can help improve your performance over the course of your school years. In fact with this book, you should be able to effectively handle any problem, in any category, from trigonometry to complex mathematic equations with ease. A must read for all those in 11th and 12th grade and moreover, this book should also adequately help you prep for the IIT JEE exams as well.  The rates for the book are priced competitively and given the depth of information given in the book, they definitely give you your best value for your money’s worth. It definitely stands out as one of the top books for this year.

Mathematics for class 12

RD Sharma is a well-known mathematician and academic who has authored several books in mathematics, including penning the relevant volumes for the 11th grade as well. This book also comes in two volumes, with the required answer keys to all the relevant problems. Each volume comes to about 186 pages and come with a detailed step-by-step approach to all the concepts and problems listed in the book. The course content has been designed primarily for those studying under the CSBC system and preps them to handle the wide range of mathematics concepts, enabling them to crack some of the top entrance examinations in the country, including the likes of IIT-JEE. These books have already earned a repute of being some of the top math books of 2016 and are a must read for all those prepping for the common entrance exams to IITs.

The Colossal Book of Mathematics

Finally, one of the largest compendiums on recreational mathematics is out there, and if you were looking for something in this area, then this book is your best bet. It contains the largest ever published collection of mathematical puzzles, paradoxes and takes you behind the scenes, enabling you to look behind the numbers and at the pervasive nature of mathematics. Martin managed to collect all the mathematical puzzles that were featured in the Scientific American over the course of 25 years. Apart from puzzles, it also contains mathematical paradoxes, information and forms one of the best sources for recreational mathematics at its very best. Most of the concepts can be found featured in this book, with sharp wit and well written content that can be found to resonate with nearly everyone. This book even does the impossible as it simplifies some of the more obdurate topics of mathematics, including the concept of “nothing”. A definite must read for all mathematics students and one of the best books.

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Euclid in the Rainforest

This book stands out as one of the best examples of literary works that combines the literary with mathematics in its pure form. This is a must read for all mathematics student if not for anything else but to understand that all major advances, inventions since the time of Ancient Greeks, have had their basis in mathematics. The book tries to present a creative format for understanding mathematics and why it is considered the universal language, one that is bereft of borders or any constraints. Mazur’s book explores the symbiotic relationship between real world and that of mathematics as he uses allegories, real life examples to explore some of the core mathematical principles. With quirky adventure stories, real life examples, the book forces you to understand some of the core guiding principles of mathematics and enables you to better understand the world around you, in rich vivid detail. A definite must read and one of the top 10 books of 2016

Tata McGraw Hill (TMH) Mathematics

Tata Mcraw Hill stands out as one of the few publishing houses that provide dedicated exam related books, which are excruciatingly detailed and informative. This book is no different and is geared towards helping students prep for their IIT JEE exams and in particular mathematics. The book is not about concepts; rather you are expected to know all the core concepts before you attempt this book. What it does consist is a detailed question bank, which often get featured on some of the top entrance examinations held all over India. The neat thing about this book is that all the questions are staggered, just as you would find on any entrance exam and range from easy to downright difficult. The main purpose here is to familiarize students with various problems that may appear on their entrance exams and to get them to solve the same in no time at all. Definitely one of the top books and one that all IIT JEE aspirants need to check out.

What is Mathematics Really?

This book explores the million dollar question as to what Mathematics is and what it is all about. The book delves into the philosophy behind mathematics and makes you understand that math is at its core, and answers the question as to whether it is an independent entity or a human construct, with numbers, values and logic. The book makes the interesting point that mathematics and its core concepts are defined by pre-set rules and as such, their behavior is predictable. This book is a must read for any fan of mathematics, and especially for those seeking to major in the same subject.  The book consists of 372 pages, loaded with interesting discussions and arguments on mathematics and how it applies to the world around you; definitely one of the top 10 mathematics books of 2016.

Algebra for JEE Main & Advanced

The “skill in mathematics” series has been developed to provide students with in-depth knowledge, as well as on the latest techniques for problem solving. This book is no exception and provides you with in-depth knowledge on all the algebraic concepts, and gears you to prep for the IIT JEE exams. What makes this book stand out is that it enables you to learn all the key concepts from scratch rather than just be loaded with questions and an answer key. It enables you to learn some of the key concepts which are bound to be featured on the IIT JEE exams. This book stands out as one of the top books, and a definite must read for all those prepping for IIT JEE exams.

Games of Life

This book, prepared by a biologist enables you to understand evolution and the role that mathematics played, to let life evolve the way it did. The book is indeed an amazing combination of mathematics, science, reason and wit and the author has done a remarkable job in such that the content can be understood by anyone. So if you ever did wonder about the role of mathematics and species evolution, survival, then you would definitely need to read this book. A must read, well written, cohesive and intelligent to the last page – that’s why it is one of the top books.

Hall & Knight – Higher Algebra

This book is a classic and is a much sought after book by most mathematics students; it is designed to enable you to develop your own algebraic concepts and consists of 35 chapters, from ratio, proportion to vanishing fractions. The book guides you along, enabling you to learn key concepts from scratch and provides you with all the information you need to solve the rest on your own. A must read for all mathematics students and one of the top 10 mathematics books of 2016.

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