8 Best Books for IIT JEE Preparation 2016


One of the toughest and most auspicious examinations of India, for admission into the ‘ institutes of national importance ‘ JEE(Joint Entrance Examination) sees about fifteen lakh aspirants every year. Preparation for such an examination is one of the most important aspects to clear the examination. For such preparation, one needs the correct and to-the-point resources to hone the required skills. Thus we present some of the most commonly recommended books for each topic of JEE.

Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma is truly a book that keeps it promise as it visits all the concepts of physics in its descriptive text and has ample solved examples and exercises, necessary for JEE preparation. Written by the professor of physics in IIT Kanpur, this is not the usual exercise book one finds during their JEE preparation, this is a thought provoking and comprehensive textbook. Though recommended for JEE, the last chapter of the book is like an Easter-egg  for physics enthusiasts, its a brief touch on the special theory of relativity.

Problems in General Physics

This book known commonly as I.E. Irodov is something which incites goosebumps in the JEE aspirants. With a wide variety of questions of general physics, ranging from bulk practice to conceptual problems, Irodov promotes thinking skills in solving the questions. This is just a practice book full with imaginative and interesting questions, and the solutions are easily available.

Atkins’ Physical Chemistry

Peter Atkins' and and Julio de Paula's book is a conceptual text book of physical chemistry, with illustrated and described concepts of physical chemistry and the mathematical aspects of it. It also includes numerous examples to practice and conceptual problems.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee is a concise book focused on the essentials of organic chemistry for JEE preparation. It is an extensive collection of topics with appropriate references, and including many Multiple Choice, objective and subjective questions of inorganic chemistry. It has descriptive sections for the blocks of the periodic table which is a frequently repeated topic in the JEE.

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Hall and Knight Higher Algebra

Hall and Knight is one of the classic books of higher algebra that comprises of topics such as permutation and combination, and probability. It has concepts explained in a point-wise system and is recommended to be read everyday. It also consists solved examples to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and practice exercises for practice.

Another classic book of Mathematics, this has two parts,the first one on co-ordinate geometry and the second one solely on trigonometry and topics related to it, such as heights and distances and inverse trigonometric ratios. Both the books are written in the same style, with sample problems and exercises to which solutions are given at the back which are precise and complete.

Organic Chemistry Solomons and Fryhle

This book is recommended for JEE aspirants because of the simplicity with which this books solves the complexity of Organic Chemistry, that usually worries the students. It starts from the start of organic chemistry and gives an appetite for the subject, Isomerism and General Organic Reactions as one of the strongest topics of this book, the particular reactions and synthesis are completely covered with illustrations. This is a highly recommended book, as it covers all the topics of the subject.

Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics

Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A. Das Gupta provides all the salient features of the subject for the JEE aspirants. Each chapter in the book initiates with the important facts, formulas and solving techniques and then gives a brief revision for the complete chapter. Practice tests are included in the end to render to the bulk practice need for JEE and its solutions are also provided. This book is a comprehensive practice manual for mathematics and is a must have for any JEE aspirant.

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