6+ Best GRE Preparation Books


The Graduate Record Examination otherwise known as The GRE is an examination to get into the graduate schools of the United States. It is generally taken by students after completing their bachelor studies, who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad. It is not an easy exam to crack, especially for non-Native English speakers, but with good effort and consistency, not forgetting determination, it will be an easy job and a simple task to breeze through this test. Given below are a few amazing guides to acing this test, but one should keep in mind that none of the GRE preparation books mentioned below will be of any help for crash courses. All of the books mentioned below are complete comprehensive guides with detailed explanations for every section that will help a student to be thorough with every aspect of the examination. This said, please free to dive into this world and choose a book of your choice and get started from today.

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Educational Testing Service(ETS) , the maker of the GRE tests, is now providing the official guide to the GRE tests. Who better in giving tips to the students than the makers themself. They provide 4 full length tests in the newest edition. Along with this, they have a database of hundreds of questions with solutions, a good amount of written essays with tips for writing and a lot of advice from the makers themselves on how to crack the test.The questions that they have are in par with the updated pattern and they maintain a good balance of the difficulty level of the questions, so that the student does not experience any hassle when he sees a difficult question in the exam for the first time.

Manhattan Prep : GRE

This is a set of 8 books prepared by one of the best in this field, the Manhattan Prep. They have a vast number of resources that can be utilized by the students preparing for this tough exam to push themselves forward and have an edge. The set is a complete package, each book dealing with a major topic of the examination that'll test the students abilities and hence give them an all-round perfection. These, compiled by one of the finest,  deal with various topics ranging from Algebra to Reading Comprehensions and Essays.

Kaplan : GRE Premier 2016

This book, which includes a set of 6 comprehensive tests, along with the huge number of practice questions, essays, sections for reading exercises and much more, is an excellent option for people looking forward to crack this tough exam. Included also are online resources along with a CD which has additional supplements that can benefit the student immensely. Kaplan, a big name in the educational circles, has paved an efficient way to high scores with this book.

Princeton Review – Cracking The GRE Premium 2016

Princeton Review, well known for it's fully packed books for competitive and aptitude examinations, brings to you the latest version of the GRE guide, a study package replete with questions and solutions with advanced tips, in-depth analysis, proven strategies and effective remedies for the common problems faced by the students. It also has a series of 6 practice tests along with online guidance, video tutorials and tons of additional help.

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Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2015

Gruber's guide to the GRE will definitely give a student the edge over the others. It has thousands of GRE-style questions with varying difficulty levels, good immediate feedback and importantly the basic set of strategies named as Gruber strategies associated with every question designed to reinforce the concepts and build a good foundation for the students. It has 3 practice tests accompanying it to give the students a real-life experience with the tests.

Barron’s GRE

Barron's GRE , the complete guide to cracking the GRE, has come with it's latest version which includes an optional CD full of extra resources, great online assistance and great feedback , along with it's huge question bank with detailed explanatory solutions. The CD provides two full length tests for practice, while the book covers every single topic required for the exam with completeness. Keeping in mind the new revised pattern of the examination, it provides a one-stop solution for acing the GRE.

GRE For Dummies

The Dummies series is quite famous for having books covering everything in this world. From learning foreign languages to learning to run a business, they've got you covered pretty well. From this multitude of books comes the book which can prepare a student to face the GRE. Like all of its other books, it comes with complete coverage of every part of the examination, every section be it the math or the writing one has a number of questions present along with detailed solutions. Also comes a CD with additional supplements.

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