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Heinemann Publishers are known for publishing outstanding educational books meant for helping students and teachers alike. They have a rich history which includes a very huge catalogue of books designed to nurture the minds of students, right from their pre-primary stage to the end of their high-schooling. Also are included a huge variety of teaching supplements which aid teachers in hitting the right spot while teaching important concepts. Out of hundreds of these heinemann educational books, we have given just a glimpse of what they have to offer and we present you with a few unconventional teaching aids, that will definitely help both the students and teachers improve themselves immensely.

The Art of Slow Reading

Grade : 4th to 12th

In this fast paced world, where speed is of paramount importance, where speed is looked upon as a god-given trait and where no-one has enough time to give in to details in any of their ventures, Thomas Newkirk brings to light a forgotten secret, one that is found to be common in almost all of the world's most successful people - the ability to go slow. This doesn't necessarily mean that fast is bad. It is equally important to maintain a balance of speed and details, but one should always be able to focus on what he/she is reading and understand it thoroughly. Nowadays, with the practices of skimming and quick reading on the rise, it is of utmost necessity that one knows and assimilates properly what is being read and that at any point of time should be able to recollect with ease. This book provides a graceful insight into this art as well a solid start for dedicated learners who wish to equip themselves with this powerful tool.

Grade : 9th - 12th

If you think fearless writing is all about writing what you want,pursuing one single topic and maybe put in loads of effort in a bid to publish a scientific-journal worthy article, then you might be hitting the wrong stone in the right field. Fearless writing, according to author Tom Romano, is much more than that. It additionally involves that you tap deeper into that marvelous inbuilt cloud storage of yours, which we fondly call imagination. But, the secret ingredient in this recipe is Multi-genre writing. What is fearless writing exactly, and how this technique can expand our avenues of writing, is what this book deals with.

Strange Bedfellows /Surprising Text Pairs and Lessons for Reading and Writing Across Genres

Grade : 9th - 12th

How would it feel if you could pair and observe Martin Luther King Jr and Shakespeare. Not that this is possible in reality as they were in no way contemporaries, but it is damn right possible to observe and record their differences and similarities through their illustrious works of literature and texts. This is what this compelling book has in store for you with many more jaw-dropping pairs to come ahead. With a variety of texts and authors that will be exposed to them, this is a great opportunity for students to gain new insights in reading and writing.

Social Studies That Sticks

Grade : 3rd - 8th

Social Studies, the dreaded subject responsible for a lot of nightmares in an average school goer, seldom gets the benefit of the doubt from the reader. This subject, which is a Pandora's box of invaluable information of thousand's of battles won and lost, of policies that shaped this world and of this world itself, deserves more than that. This is what this book tries to prove and also aims to bring out in the reader. There are very few subjects as exciting as this one and one needs to look in the right place to understand this. Hopefully, for you, this book will fulfill that duty and make it count, by showing it in a new light as a subject that sticks.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Grade : 6th - 12th

Questions, the ultimate beacons of light that illuminate the path of learning, the weapons we were born with to satisfy our curiosity and to defend ourselves in times of peril, are in the process of becoming obsolete in this fast-moving world of today. Children are forgetting to ask questions. But it is also not to be forgotten that the world as of today stands as it is just because great people asked great questions and made it their life ambitions to answer them. That is why this book, which deals with asking the right questions, is a boon for teachers and educationalists who wish to drive this paramount quality back into the impressionable minds of the students of today.


Grade : 6th - 12th

Want to become a great writer? Have the blood of a writer running through your veins? Well then, you have a major obstacle to overcome. You need to know what exactly plagiarism is, why it is a banned practice, and why it occurs in the first place. Sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, we commit plagiarism in the process of  writing our heart out. This book is a great How-not-to guide for students and budding writers that will help them immensely by enlightening them on this topic and setting up barricades to prevent them from venturing into this dangerous realm.

Making Sense of Algebra

Grade : 6th - 10th

This is a good book to read to get rid of the misconceptions a lot of people have about algebra. Algebra is not just about equations and variables. It is much more than that. This book will help you in changing the way you look at mathematics and reboot your approaches to the many problems it contains. It will be a valuable addition to a student's library and will improve his/her mathematical proficiency through well-structured approaches.

Doing What Scientists Do

Grade - KG to 5th

A scientist is not just born out of thin air. It is the exposure that he receives right from a very young age that stirs up his curiosity as a scientist and makes him question everything going on around him. The age of schooling is a very crucial part of a person's education cycle as it is in this age that his mind is susceptible to positive molding and impressionable enough to create long-lasting memories. That's why this book is designed as an aid to teachers in helping out children bring out the scientist in them by making them investigate everything going on around them.This book is meant for the primary-schoolers, but can also be referred by others who wish to rekindle their childhood senses.

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