15 Best English Literature Books


Consisting of multiple genres and categories, the English Literature books have a major role in our world. Influenced by major authors and legends like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, this category is widely known. Let’s take a look at some of the best of this category.

A wealthy businessman, supercilious, arrogant and proud Mr. Darcy whose name one discovers with full revelation of his character. Elizabeth Bennett, a complex woman, compelled by her economic conditions to marry for stability,but a will to marry for love. Pride and Prejudice is one of the most famous books of the millennium, and can be found in most of the shelves. Jane Austen's one of a lifetime book showcases the perplexity of a woman, money and love, can she get both ?  

The Hobbit

From the author of the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is a prequel to the stories of LOTR. The Hobbit gives a stronger depth to the characters of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey and Gollum. It also introduces us to the gold lusting dragon, Smaug the Magnificent. In an adventure to take back what is theirs, Bilbo and a clan of Dwarfs stroll towards the Misty Mountains.

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley defines a semi-perfect world where its occupants are artificially made to live in ecstasy and bliss. Genetic engineering, recreational drugs and brainwashing are used to create this blithe atmosphere. The protagonist Bernard Marx visits one of the Savage Reservations, where people still live the 'old-life', an imperfect but natural life. Is this the freedom Bernard has been longing for all his years, or is he going to get deeper into the complexities of the society ? Aldous Huxley's future world is analogous to the present today as it explains the undying wish of humans to be happy.

1984 is an augury of 1984 by George Orwell. The book displays a dreaded dystopian future, a place where the world is headed if it keeps on the current course. This book is an epitome of an apocalyptic paranoia prognosticated by Owell where the corporate has more value for profits than life. "This book is a warning, not a guide."

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The Importance of Being Earnest

Gwendolean and Cecily are arch rivals and the tinge of woman jealousy fills the distance between them. Jack Wothing has posed as Ernest to make Gwendolean fall for him while Algernon has done the same with Jack’s ward, Cecily. Now all four visit Jack’s country home and a chaos-bomb is going to detonate. In the obstreperous situation, a decrepit nursemaid and an old purse can be the saviours. This Oscar Wilde masterpiece is filled with weirdly suited characters and a comic plot, and has been a great comedy drama recommendation.

Robinson Crusoe

A man stranded on a desolate island, with nothing much useful with him might sound a cliché now, but Robinson Crusoe was where it all started. Forced to take shelter into a wild and unknown island, after getting shipwrecked, Robinson Crusoe learns how to survive in his crucible. For twenty-four years, he lives a life of solitude until he meets another human being brought to the island by a similar fate. Considered by many great novelists and authors as the best novel in English language, Robinson Crusoe surely became an inspiration for many similar stories to come.

Jane Eyre

Jane is an orphan who spent her childhood in her Aunt Reed's home. She grew up in a harsh and brutal charity school. After all this she still grew up to be a spirited and benevolent woman. She becomes the governess at Thornfield and falls in love with Mr. Rochester. Her life is not getting easier though, there are still difficulties she has to overcome to get married to his love. This book is a wonderful example of the extent of a woman's spirit and willpower.

One of the most famous works of William Shakespeare; written as a play, is also one of the best English literature books around. The story of the book revolves around the protagonist Prince Hamlet. Hamlet is back home to attend his father, the late King's funeral. As he arrives in Denmark, he discovers that his mother has remarried to the late King's brother. It is a thriller, murder mystery, and tragedy all in one.

A student obsessed with generation and meaning of life decides to take on an experiment of his own. He illicitly assembles stolen body parts and tries to give it life. After he successfully creates life, he gets disgusted by the grotesque creature. He locks it down; but in his forbidden lair, he turns desolation to fury and gets on a rampage to kill his creator. Frankenstein is not only a horror and Sci-Fi book, it also raises important psychological and philosophical questions about life?

Lord of the Flies

A small group of young boys get shipwrecked on a coral island. It seems as though they would enjoy their time there; but they couldn't have been more wrong. Soon with desperation, the world as they know it stops existing. As rational behavior gets subdued, so does humanity. There life on the island turns somber and gloomy, and death is everywhere. Lord of The Flies is a classic that has projected the human nature not conventionally but truly.

A Tale of Two Cities

After eighteen years as a political prisoner in Bastille, the venerable Dr. Manette gets released and reunited with his daughter in England. Charles Darnay, an exiled French and Sydney Carton, a brilliant but louche lawyer fall in love with Lucie Manette. Both of them become apprentices of La Guillotine and are dragged into the bloody streets of Paris. This book is a great parable, written by one of the most classical writers of all time.

Emma is indifferent towards love and marriage, as she is complacent with her life and riches. However, she likes to interfere in other people's romantics, in a good way. Things are not going to go as she plans, forever. Thus, when she tries to set up her pupil Harriet, she finds a perfect match. Perfect for her. In she goes into the vortex she never wished to enter and our endearing heroine has to take difficult decisions.

A picturesque tale of America in the 1920s,  The Great Gatsby is the most acclaimed novel of Fitzgerald. At the time when alcohol and sex were the primary obsession of the nation. The wealthy Jay Gatsby throws lavish parties on long island in hopes of seeing her in one of them. His love for Daisy Buchanan forces him to invite the whole neighborhood in all the parties without even knowing even one of them. A wonderful classic and a very enigmatic tale.

Gulliver’s Travels

Lemuel Gulliver finds himself marooned on an island with its citizens inaptly small. Lilliput as the citizens call it, sees him with awe and wonder as the apparent giant goes on in this minuscule island. Next, he visits Brobdingnag where he sees as the people of Lilliput would see. On subsequent journeys to other regions, Gulliver gets a better insight on human nature and the beastliness in it. This book is a wonderful reflection of human beings and their pride and prejudiced ways of living.


Jonathan Harker is a young English lawyer who has stumbled upon a prosperous real estate transaction. He is travelling to the East European country of Transylvania to conclude the deal with Count Dracula for the Castle Dracula. On his way, he is warned by the local residents about his destination. They give him strange souvenirs like crucifixes and utter strange words. Those strange words, Harker will decipher. "Vampire".

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