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Books, books, books, when we start talking about books, we know very well that something very fruitful and full of information is going to be discussed. Online books are also available nowadays, but people prefer reading the hard copy books instead of them. Basically, an encyclopedia is nothing but a book or a set of books in which the relevant information about a particular thing is given in an alphabetical order. An encyclopedia can be of two types; the first one is that one which covers all the topics including basic and general language, for example – world book of an encyclopedia, Britannica encyclopedia. The second one is that one which covers a single subject or a particular topic of a particular subject, for example –encyclopedia of cloud computing, an encyclopedia of bio-colloid and bio-interface science, etc.


World book of encyclopedia

book which has topped our list is the world book of an encyclopedia. The best encyclopedia is the one which gets used, and the world book of an encyclopedia is that very book which is used by a lot of people irrespective of their fields and age. All the articles consisting of relevant information about a topic are arranged in a proper alphabetical order. This book mainly consists of 22 volumes in which the procedure to use this particular book is also mentioned.

Read it For:
this book can help any student in developing good skills of writing, reading, speaking, etc. The long articles in the book are designed in such a way that the reader will find it quite interesting and easily understandable as they long articles are explained by visual aids, outline questions, etc. This book can be the best addition in any of school, college or a public library. It is one of the top 10 books of 2016.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book has all the information about the surroundings and happenings in the world in recent times.

The Britannica encyclopedia

of the most famous and trusted books of 2016 was the Britannica encyclopedia. This was one of those encyclopedias which covered the whole information about every aspect of society either it be technical or non-technical, biological or practical. This book consists of all the basic knowledge on the particular aspects of the society.

Read it For:
the most interesting feature of this book is that it consists of the special reports on worldly affairs, the global and geographical information about all the countries, world data of foreign trade and business, flags of the countries, population and other important information. This is one of the must-have books for people who want to gain knowledge.
What makes this book stand out?:
the brand name and brand position of Britannica makes it a great option.

The dog encyclopedia

This is one of the most interesting and loved encyclopedias by people of all the age groups like kids, youngsters and elders. As we all know most of us are dog lovers and that’s the basic reason everyone wants to read this book at least for once. This book includes brief information about a total number of breeds of dogs in which some of them are crossbreed also. Readers are introduced to many breeds that don’t have their existence in India also.

Read it For:
books includes some stunning photos of dogs and the basic rules to be followed to make a dog a pet and take care of it. It is one of the best book recommendations for dog lovers.
What makes this book stand out?:
the information and photos about the dogs attract the dog lovers.

National geographic animal encyclopedia

In this book, information about a total number of 2500 species has been provided with a wide number of high definitions colored photographs which fascinates the readers. This book also contains some amazing facts about animals which we have never read or listened anywhere.

Read it For:
a profile of every animal is maintained in the book which helps the reader to get full information about any member of the animal kingdom. The basic information about an animal provided in the book is the scientific name, common name, life span, diet, etc. It one of the best books on information about animals.
What makes this book stand out?:
The use of high definition pictures, brief information about the animals make this book as one of the best picks you can have.
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The encyclopedia of world geography

this book is a very useful source for the people who want information about the geographical structure of the world. This book contains all the geographical information about the 192 nations in the world, from Africa to India.

Read it For:
The countries are collectively shown as regions with map details and the basic information about the facts and the figures related to the particular country.
What makes this book stand out?:
It gives the vast information about the geographical structure of the earth.

Cunningham’s encyclopedia of magical herbs

is one of the encyclopedias which cover one of the strangest topics like magical herbs. This book is a useful resource for the students who are studying about nature, plant and their characteristics.

Read it For:
the most interesting part of this book is that it covers all the minute details of a particular book and how it can be used in magical terms. This book is considered as the best book on this particular subject because of the amount of information it contains.
What makes this book stand out?:
It gives the unique concept of explanation about magical herbs.

The encyclopedia of exotic tropical fishes for freshwater aquarium

This book is divided into two different sections in which the first section covers the information about basic and specific ways of fish keeping and the second section is the most interesting section of the book as it consists of a thousand freshwater species.

Read it For:
The most attractive point about this book is that the photographs used in this book are clicked by the top photographers of the world, and it has a total of 2800 high definition colored photographs.
What makes this book stand out?:
the use of high definition quality photos and brief information about different fishes makes it unique.

Encyclopedia of restaurants

This is one of the most famous encyclopedias which show how much humans want to know about the world and their surroundings. This book basically covers the relevant information about how to manage a restaurant, what are the basic needs to manage one and a basic knowledge about every single term used in the field of the restaurant.

Read it For:
the flaw in this book is that the author has failed to maintain the definition of the encyclopedia as he has written the subject in a very different way in this book.
Don't Read it For:
Over all it’s a good book for the students pursuing hotel management courses and the people who are thinking to start a restaurant chain in India. It is one the best books to read in its particular field.
What makes this book stand out?:
the unique concept of this encyclopedia makes it stand out of the queue.

Encyclopedia of bio-colloid and bio-interface science

encyclopedia only and in a concentrated way covers the topic of bio-colloids and bio-interface instead of the large subject of colloids and interface. The strongest part of this encyclopedia is that it uses the “soft particle” and “soft interface” as the basic model of the surface in observing the basic processes in biological systems.

Read it For:
This book has basic basically covered all the fundamental theories, concepts and theoretical aspects of bio-colloids and bio-interface.This book is a very useful resource of information for the graduates of bio-colloids and bio-interface science and the students in the field of nanotechnology, etc.
What makes this book stand out?:
It gives vast information about the particular topic and a brief data with new concepts.

Encyclopedia of cloud computing

the book was one of the top 10 encyclopedia books and the most famous and important books for the people who were related to the field of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the process of utilization of networks of distant servers hosted on the internet which is used for storing, managing and processing the data.

Read it For:
This encyclopedia over all consists of 56 chapters which are well organized in 10 chapters. The best thing about the book is that they have provided the summary of the chapter at the beginning of each chapter and further references also which can be used to gain more knowledge on that particular topic.
What makes this book stand out?:
vast knowledge on the topic of cloud computing. No stone left unturned.

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