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If you get a decent English dictionary, you will be better than 90% of other English learners. However, most of the people merely purchase the first wordbook they see. That is a giant mistake! A nasty dictionary will give you issues sooner or later — perhaps in 2 months, probably in one year — and you may need to purchase a decent one anyway! Isn’t it better to shop for a great dictionary the first time?

Although, nowadays the internet has taken over the place of the dictionary but could never replace print dictionary. There are no pop-ups, no malware, no ads and no one is trying to sell you anything in print dictionary. Learning new words is a significant advantage of looking up a word in a dictionary.

We have compiled the best dictionary list for you to select from.

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford dictionary is one of the best selling dictionaries of all the time. Most of the students, researchers, and teachers consider the Oxford dictionary as the best English dictionaries in the world. It comes in many languages, and in India, a large number of people use the English to Hindi version of this particular dictionary. This dictionary has a lot of variants like physics dictionary, chemistry dictionary, music dictionary and all under the name of Oxford.

Read it For:
This dictionary has precise meanings of the words used in English language and the day to day English used commonly.
What makes this book stand out?:
It is one the best book recommendation to anyone particular related to the educational society.

The Merriam Webster’s dictionary

Also, one of the top 10 dictionaries books which have a total of 75,000 words or you can say entries which encompass different fields like medical, business, scientific and technological, etc. After two decades of intensive work to expand into a fully comprehensive dictionary,  Merriam Webster dictionary was first published in the early 1800s.

Read it For:
The tool used for the reference in this book consists of more than remarkable 5000 examples, pronunciation and other grammatical information. This dictionary has an online app, also one of the best dictionaries online.
What makes this book stand out?:
To investigate the etymology of words, Webster, the first author mastered 26 languages aspiring to systematize American speech, as Americans in various parts of the country used slightly different vocabularies and spelled, pronounced, and used words differently.

Cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary

One of the best books for the students preparing for any high-level examination of the English language. The most importantly this book has been up to the date of new words added in the English language.

Read it For:
The next best thing about this one is the frequency information which highlights the words from most to least importance according to the English language.
What makes this book stand out?:
Maintaining up to date with new words added so frequently.

The official Scrabble players dictionary

It is one of an unusual dictionary to help and improve the Scrabble players. Because of its unique concept, it became one of the most famous and well-known dictionaries of all time. This dictionary is no doubt a boon for all the Scrabble players and is the most wanted book amongst the Scrabble players society.

Read it For:
Merriam Webster’s Inc. also published this dictionary. This book is one of the most loved books also among teens and kids who were in the habit of playing Scrabble.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book is one of the most recommended books for recreational and school games. It has more than 10000 words of two to eight letters and consists of 688 pages, undoubtedly a favorite among all Scrabble players.
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Chamber’s dictionary

One of the dictionaries which made its place to the top because of the different system it follows and matured as one of the most popular dictionaries in the world. This dictionary dealt with English vocabulary which ranged from rare words used in the English language in old times to the latest slang and some of the technical words too.

Read it For:
It contains an ample amount of information ranging from chemical elements and their names to the old Shakespeare's plays which were written with an extensive collection of rare words used in English in the early days and it covers the latest slangs also.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book has a total number of 500 new words with a particular definition. This made the book stand on the list of best books to read for the year 2016.

American dictionary of English language

One of the best American English dictionaries of all time. This book deals with a lot of lessons from biblical education which is an essential element for moral values.

Read it For:
Many comprehensive examples are mentioned for language and grammar. The author of this dictionary was none other than Noah Webster.
What makes this book stand out?:
The revised edition of 2016 of this book covers all the necessary and modern aspects of English language, and it is also among one of the most used books by people and by all these characteristics this book also made its place in the top 10.

The oxford dictionary of current English

No doubt this is one of the best dictionaries of the Oxford publication. This book on total consists of some 1,20,000 entries with a more particular definition. It is the biggest paperback dictionary. It uses a thousand examples as the book is written in a very nontechnical form.

Read it For:
Adjectival inflections are very clearly described in this book. The in-text notes of this book are beneficial. Additional features of this book are word builder box, thematic table, chemical elements, nationalities, etc.
What makes this book stand out?:
An ideal book for use at any place like home, office, schools, etc., because of which it makes a particular stand for itself in the top 10 dictionaries books of all time

Webster’s third new international dictionary

Also one of the most prominent dictionaries which consist of a large number of words and entries. It primarily consists of a total number of 4,72,000 entries and usage of approximately 2, 00,000 examples.

Read it For:
3000 pictorial illustrations and some approximately 1500 synonyms. It is a hardbound, thumb indexed book which comes with a one-year free subscription to the dictionary website
What makes this book stand out?:
It contains some 2783 pages with a vast amount of information and makes its place in the top 10 books.

New Oxford American Dictionary

One of the best American dictionaries to buy in the classical Oxford way of representation. It has been written after consultation by hundreds of American scholars. It took 50 editor years to come up with this dictionary. It is considered a revolution in dictionary making.

Read it For:
It provides all the in-depth information a reader needs. This dictionary can be used for reading purpose, for the use of technical terms and for the essential guidance too.

Collin’s English dictionary

Collin’s English dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries. This one is taken to the largest word gathering database also known as Collin corpus

Read it For:
It contains the newest, rare and quirkiest of words. This dictionary is a perfect gift for word gamers. It always offers the very best, new and unique words. This dictionary has adopted some words from the Scrabble dictionary also.
What makes this book stand out?:
The latest edition of this one consists of increased words, lighter weight, and easy hold. Hence these qualities of this dictionary make it very different and very convenient to read.

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