8 Best Stand Up Comedy Books


Comedy, the word that elicits a dearly desirable emotion in all humans, an emotion that can, for moments, make us forget all our griefs and troubles and transcend us into an alternate state of happiness, is a much sought after art that can be performed to perfection by a very few. This world too, like others, has its hall of fame imprinted into the minds of almost everybody, with names like George Carlin, Steve Martin becoming household names. But the other side of this world, the darker side that consists of life struggles and humble beginnings, that often have a great impact in shaping the careers of these comedy greats, stays hidden most of the time. Hence, we present to you a collection of guides to comedy and tales revealing the back-stories of such people as well as their rise in the field. Also embedded in these books are great tips for aspiring comedians who are looking to establish a great future in this field or maybe just impress a friend. Finally, each and every one of these stand up comedy books while filled with funny jokes to the brim will still manage to inspire you.
Before starting, always remember this, “There is no age limit to comedy”

Born Standing Up

Steve Martin, widely recognized as the comical Inspector Jack Clouseau of The Pink Panther, has a vast history of doing comedy since childhood. He is one of the most well-known comedians around at this time But his story is not a simple one. Though reticent, he impressively tours the reader through his life of comedy, glamour and indecisions in this book. He is a pioneer in the field of stand-up comedy but he quit as suddenly as he burst into the field. He reveals the reasons behind his decisions and gives us vivid glimpses of his life through this book, which is a must-read for those interested in discovering the real face of comedy beneath all that laughter.

Zen and the Art of Stand Up Comedy

Ever felt disconnected with a set of people when making jokes. Even within your group of friends, there might have been instances in your life when your joke made no impact at all. Well, here is an absolutely stunning guide to get out of that corner spot. Jay Sankey comes up with great ways to feel more connected with the audience, teaches the importance of timing and other qualities required to do stand-up comedy. Doing comedy is not easy and that is precisely the point of this book. While, on one hand, it might look like a huge mountain standing in front of you, never forget that bigger mountains have been scaled in the past. All it takes is the first strike.

The Naked Jape

Wonder why jokes are so funny? Who can take jokes the best? And there are many other such questions concerning the world of jokes, which are investigated by noted comedian Jimmy Carr and joke lover Lucy Greeves in this book. The marvellous world of the hilarious is exposed in this book. Interspersed with a variety of jokes in between, this book offers theories that deal with various aspects of humour and can be considered as piece of educational writing if not for the vast amount of hilarity loaded in every page.

How I Escaped My Certain Fate

Stewart Lee, who has a slightly different style of comedy and has no great one-liners as such, is still a very well known and acclaimed comedian. It takes a good amount of  thought to get his jokes, but he is still very prominent. But there was a time when he was disoriented enough to quit his budding career in the comedy industry and go on, unsuccessfully, to direct an opera. But then again, this tale is of his rise in this industry, about his struggle to re-engage with comedy and other obstacles in the path that now point to his fame and glory. But as inspiring as this story is, it is filled with quotes infused with his style of humour that the readers are bound to enjoy.

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How to Talk Dirty and Influence People

Lenny Bruce, more infamously than famously, known for his comical discourses on taboo subjects like religion and sex, was a comedian, or rather a person who spoke his heart out on such topics back in the 50's and 60's. He was criticised for this, of course, but he can be called as a person who symbolised freedom of speech. This book penned by him is funny at every turn dealing with topics that we now take with a little more than a pinch of salt, but it is also a great piece of work from a great comedian who paved the way for modern masters of this genre like George Carlin and contemporaries.

And Here’s a Kicker

This book is a treasure trove consisting of bits and pieces from the lives of many great artists who specialised in making people laugh and entertaining the whole world. Containing transcripts of interviews of these comedy legends and much more, that will give the reader an insight into the effort and amount of thinking that goes into making people laugh, this book is a treat for aspiring comedians and comedy lovers.

The Comedy Bible

Sticking to its name, this is indeed a bible for all those who aspire to grow in the field of comedy and spread the laugh everywhere and earn money from it too if they wanted. But there's more to comedy than just delivery. It involves, deeply, a lot of other things. This book can be considered a step by step guide to harnessing that power to find humour in everyday things around us. It has a workbook kind of feel to it but still is very fun to read and informative too.

Stand Up Guys

From one of the writers for The Tonight Show, The David Letterman show and other such big names, comes this book- a mirror into the world of comedy with exclusive behind-the-scenes type anecdotes from the lives of notable comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David etc and not forgetting - himself too. More of a memoir, this is a great book for the fans of this genre.

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