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This story began in the Afghan villages, the darkness spread through the world faster than anyone would have thought imagined. Devastated in Delhi, India, five uncommon companions came together in an environment laid waste by terror. A boy 17 years old is still coming to terms with the loss of the family, US Navy Seal tracing home, a history professor, a young girl, and her three-year-old brother. They all end up in the Himalayas a place assumed to be a haven, away from the terror, after they discover the child may hold the key to ending the pestilence.

What makes this book stand out?

It gives great suspense of whether the five friends made it through the terrible barriers to their intended destination.

Read it for

It is a write up that enthralls and entertains.

Don't read it for

It awakens sorry as you read what some people have to go through in life.

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