The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules, and A Life Changing Journey

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The book is about the yellow envelope that is given to the author and her husband when they decide to travel, with instructions to give the envelope away. While traveling across Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, and beyond, the author and her husband face major challenges and slowly realize that the giving is transformational. The Yellow Envelope is regularly called one of the best books to read while traveling.

What makes this book stand out?

This book stands out for: The book not only takes us through the entire journey but also tells us about the challenges faced by the author and her husband during her travels in detail.

Read it for

An interesting premise, with intriguing places being travelled to and the small random acts of kindness that will definitely make the reader smile.

Don't read it for

Readers might not be entirely able to empathize with the idea of taking such drastic measures while facing minor inconvenience in daily life.

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