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Wonder is an excellent book from the write, R. J Palacio. This is regarded as one of the top-rated books on empathy; the story revolves around a child called August Pullman. Pullman was an ordinary kid, with ordinary habits, ordinary preferences but an un-ordinary face. August was born with a deformed face and therefore could not attend a regular school for kids. It is his first day at his new school where he is going to begin fresh classes for the fifth grade.

What makes this book stand out?

The idea in the book along with the content is highly original makes a good read for both adults and the young ones.

Read it for

Palacio has done a remarkable job with this book. He has written something extraordinary. The book is written in a diary format, and the chapters are short and sweet. The content of the book is original and uplifting.

Don't read it for

Although the book is impressive in its own right, the book fails to change the world. It is merely a story with a brilliant idea.

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