The Wheel of Osheim (Red Queen’s War, Book 3)

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Mark Lawrence’s third book in the series certainly puts all others to the pale, with rich vivid imagery and well scripted and strong story lines with characters proving to be both tenacious and resourceful. This book like all others has been wonderfully written and closely follows Snorri Ver Snagason as he tries to rescue his family from the bowels of hell itself. The book is remarkable on many fronts, from its rich characters to its well-developed storylines. But what makes it stand out is the fact that the author has managed to weave a brilliant story and yet, leaves you hanging for much more. A definite must read which is why it is one of the top 10 fantasy books of 2016

Mark Lawrence's"epic fantasy" (The Washington Post) proceeds as a reluctant prince returns from the bowels of Hell to participate in his best battle yet--one of the living and the deceased. Of the horrors of Hell stand between the rescue of his loved ones along with Snorri Ver Snagason, if the deceased could be rescued. Getting back also Loki's secret and out alive is all that matters. Any lock can open and it might be the secret to Jalan's fortune back from the world that is. Jalan intends women which were the heart of the lifestyle: wine, and wagering. Fate has other programs, plans that are bigger. The Wheel of Osheim is turning ever faster, unless it is stopped, and it'll crack the planet. After things' conclusion, and there is nowhere to run, responses must be found by {} coward. Snorri and jalan face many threats, into the mirrors of this Lady Blue by the corpse hordes of the Dead King, however in the long run the Wheel of Osheim brings back you. In the long run it is perish or win. In the Hardcover edition.

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