Weir of Hermiston

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In the Stevenson’s story of a father, Adam Weir the father and son confrontation modeled on the Lord Braxfield, hanging judge 18th century. Weir is a risen man married wealthy, but she is a weak woman respected and feared not least by Archie own son. Archie speaks against the capital punishment and considering own father sentenced the man. He also banished to the Hermiston estate outside Edinburgh and he meets and engages in the deep love with local laird daughter Christina Elliot. She is the social inferior and Archie afraid to express father of the attachment, but Frank Innes comes in the scene.

What makes this book stand out?

The new kind of love and feelings blended in this book make book standout and everyone must read it.

Read it for

It also gets huge popularity Weir of Hermiston Edinburgh and deep love and everyone read this book once in life and being a robert louis stevenson popular novels.

Don't read it for

The characters are a little bit confusing and need not able to recollect the characters played in the story.

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