Voices From the Street

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Stuart Hadley is a young radio agency at early 1950s Oakland, California. He's what many would consider the perfect lifestyle; a wonderful home, a pretty wife, a nice job with prospects for improvement, but he feels unfulfilled; some thing is missing from his life. He attempts to fill his emptiness first with smoking, and gender, then with religious fanaticism, but nothing appears to be functioning, and it's driving him mad. He responds to the love of his spouse along with also the kindness of his company with anxiety and dread. Among the first books that Dick actually composed, and the only publication that has never been released, Voices in the Street is that the narrative of Hadley's descent into depression and insanity, and out the opposite side. Most known in his life for a science fiction author, Philip K. Dick is growing in standing as an American author whose strong vision is an ironic reflection of the current. This publication completes the book of the canon.

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