The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez

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To call this book a biography alone would be short selling it for this biography is much more than that including being a riveting detective story that goes beyond the art and takes a closer look at the man Velazquez was and why he is considered to be an outstanding artist today. The book contains two sections; one concerns the life of Velazquez and his gripping work and explores the various influences that caused him to be such an outstanding painter in the first place. The second story, picks up much later in 1845 when a book seller in reading comes across an old dusty portraint which me mistakenly believes to be a Velazquez and what follows next is his grit and determination to prove his suspicion wrong. The biography shows how despite the time period, Velazquez still has the power to reach out and transform your life. The book is a definite must read and is one of the top 10 biographies of 2016, masterfully crafted and hard to put down as well.

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