Unladylike: A Memoir

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Radhika Vaz’s book is an interesting merger of humor and critical thinking that uplifts the reader. In this great piece, she takes the readers through the authors last four decades, with hilarious accounts that shine a light on her life and career with funny subjects like ‘self-esteem issues that accompany her flat chest’ It exposes her rough moments through her girlhood and teenage years in school.

What makes this book stand out?

The author addresses issues in society that have been considered taboos. Her writing is so thought provoking that by merely telling her life, she kind of makes the readers draw parallels with their very lives.

Read it for

Radhika’s book quickly relates with the reader. It enhances sober thinking and lightens up the readers because of the blend of humor it carries.

Don't read it for

Radhika Vaz story tempts the reader to think it is wrong to have children. She disdains children and how she does not wish to have any at all. It has a little of vulgar language too.

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