Unholy Ghosts

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The post-apocalyptic world of Unholy Ghosts takes place in Triumph City. The living must protect and defend themselves from the ghosts of the dead, and the Church reimburses citizens harassed by the deceased. Chess Putnam is a witch who is also a ghost-hunter. She is keeping a dark secret- Chess begins to wonder if the rush is worth it. Unholy Ghosts is a dark urban fantasy novel.

What makes this book stand out?

Chess’ fight with her nasty drug habit. The story doesn’t glorify her habit but shows how she is human, despite her talent for banishing wicked ghosts.

Read it for

Downside Ghosts is a brutal place where Unholy Ghosts is set in. The pacing of the book is excellent, and the characters are vividly written about.

Don't read it for

The world-building of Kane isn’t impressive, but the flow of the story is something you can read the book for.

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