Under the Greenwood Tree

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Romance is a popular genre both amongst readers and writers and has been mastered by Thomas Hardy whose novel, “Under the Greenwood tree”, is a classic example of a gentle and beautiful romantic story. Dick Dewey, a church musician falls in love with his school mistress, Fancy Day, who is both smart, elegant and charming. It is a simple, yet charming love story set in the backdrop of the beautiful Victorian era and sits right at the top of the Thomas Hardy best sellers list.

What makes this book stand out?

Three-dimensional characters are what makes this book interesting and highly gripping.

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Changing seasons are the most romantic period of all and one can see why Thomas Hardy took that as his setting for this novel. Another element, which brought out the true essence of the story is nostalgia, which was not only depicted through the storyline but also through the thought process of Thomas Hardy.

Don't read it for

Poor characterization of women.

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