The Un-Discovered Islands: An Archipelago of Myths and mysteries, phantoms, and fakes

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This is a book describing fictional 12 undiscovered islands which are fake and a product of human imagination. These islands have existed and run out of existence like gangland myths. These are some of the oddest places on the face of the earth. They have disappeared from the map over time and are not real. Tallack has described these places beautifully yet also tells us the reality of their non-existence.

What makes this book stand out?

The way Tallack can make you read facts and yet love the description of the fantasy-like how we as kids loved the fantasy of the lost city of Atlantis.

Read it for

Knowing the difference between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy regarding the mysterious islands we might have heard about.

Don't read it for

Expecting a traditional travel story from this book is a mistake. Tallack tells us about places that are fictional, so this is a good read if you like fantasy.

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