Trust Me, I’m Lying

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The author writes this book about how he orchestrated certain events like making celebrities viral sensations, spreading malicious online rumors to destroy companies and running political sideshows to defeat candidates. He confesses that in a world controlled by blogs, it is his job to control those very blogs.

What makes this book stand out?

The raw no holds barred look that this book gives to readers. It might even ruin the Internet for many of its readers, as they come to know about the dirty secrets that operate behind the curtains of the virtual world. A paradigm shifter, Trust Me I’m lying is well deserved as one of the top 10 marketing books of all time.

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A real look at how bloggers are shackled to money, technology and deadlines; how blogs like HuffPost and Buzzfeed drive the agenda of the media and how manipulators like the author control everything that is read, seen and watched on the Internet.

Don't read it for

The book drags in some places, and it could’ve easily been condensed into an article than a long drawn out book.

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