Travels with Charlie

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a book about how the author embarks on a journey across America because he is afraid that he might have lost touch with the country, with its speech, the smell of its grass and trees, its color and quality of light and the pulse of its people.

A Pursuit across America, from the northernmost tip of Maine to California's Monterey Peninsula

To listen to the language of the actual America, to smell the grass and the trees, to find the colours and the light--those were John Steinbeck's aims as he put out, in age fifty-eight, to rediscover the nation he was writing about for so many decades. With Charley, his French poodle, Steinbeck pushes the interstates and the state roads, dines with truckers, experiences bears at Yellowstone and older friends in San Francisco. Along the way he reflects upon the American personality, racial hostility, the specific type of American isolation he finds nearly anywhere, along with the unexpected kindness of strangers.

What makes this book stand out?

The specific detailing of the journey through the roads and villages and the way nature is connected with its people.

Read it for

Its intimate look at one of America's most beloved writers in the later years of his life, at his self-portrait of a man and his first-hand experience of the racial tensions in the South.

Don't read it for

Some of the experiences described in the book are not completely true. The author never went to some of the places in the book, and he made up people whom he never met.

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