Top Of Mind

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The book title says it all. It explains how you want to be at the top of your mind and why you want to do so. To achieve the steps in his book are simple but require effort.

What makes this book stand out?

The way the author has managed to explain all the details on personal level marketing and staying at the top of your mind within the size of the book, i.e., 218 pages.

Read it for

Learning how to market your prospects in a creative way which reaches them on a personal level. It teaches how to show your dedication to your clients without making them feel you’re doing it out for your benefit or gain.

Don't read it for

This book is for marketers and CMOs. It teaches you how to sell on a personal level which means you need to build relationships with your prospects. So beyond that, it’s a risky deal to follow the book if you don’t approach the prospects and they misunderstand your intentions.

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