To Kill a Mockingbird

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This classic written by Harper Lee in 1957 deals with profane issues like rape and racism with warmth and humour. Its protagonist, Atticus Finch, a just lawyer got into the fictional books of history as a model of truth and an inspiration for modern day lawyers. Through this book Lee showed to the world the struggles of a middle class widower father of two who fights to preserve justice, the life of a black man accused of a horrendous crime and the joyous life of kids turned upside-down by events happening around them.

The story is set during the era of the Great Depression in America. In such a chaotic time, the story presents the problems and trials of Finch, his family, the accused and his family and the opposition. But there is great injustice done that results in unforeseen circumstances. How Finch and everyone else involved deal with these forms the plot. During this period there are friends formed in the least expected places and enemies on the other side and by the end , the reader will be both enthralled and inspired by this story.

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