Three Dark Crowns

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3.88/5 (33409 ratings)


Blake’s brilliant word building makes this trilogy a pleasure to read; from strong characters, to twists and turns, it is no wonder that this series stands out for all the right reasons. The story revolves around three sisters, hidden powers and a single crown; the rest of the story follows the battle for the crown and the immediate aftermath. With brilliant story weaving, Blake has definitely managed to hit the right notes and keep the readers interested to the last page. It should not come as a surprise that this series stands out as one of the book recommendations for the year.

There'll be one when domain come. In each production in Fennbirn's island, a pair of triplets is born--all, three queens heirs to every possessor of a magic along with the crown. Mirabella is a elemental, capable to spark storms or flames. Katharine is one that can take away the most deadly toxins, a poisoner. A naturalist, arsinoe, is thought to be able restrain the fiercest of dinosaurs and to blossom the reddest rose. But getting the Queen Crowned is an issue of arrival. Each sister must struggle for it. And it is not simply a game of win or is life or death. Three months turns the night, the conflict starts. The queen standing receives the crown. 

Brief about Author Kendare Blake