This Calder Range

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This book is often shelved as a western and historical romance by her fans and readers. Chase Benteen Calder is the protagonist and the titular Calder in the first installment of the Calder Saga. Calder is bound to extort riches from Montana. With Lorna on his side, all his dreams would wake up to life. Through treacherous landscapes, Calder and Lorna forge their way into Montana to harvest their fortune.

What makes this book stand out?

The setting of the book is quite compelling. While you would be certain, this is a western and are on edge expecting a “Howdy,” you would be hit [softly] on your face with contemporary romance. This, according to many, may well be the best Janet Dailey book.

Read it for

The western take on the romance scenario is fresh and quite not encountered historically. The first part of the series is also set differently and might entice you to take the entire series head-on before moving away to other authors.

Don't read it for

The book lacks proper depth. Characters don’t develop as one might expect them to. If you don’t intend to read it as a critic and are a casual reader yourself, this might just be the one you haven’t come across yet.

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