Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers)

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Book 1 in this fantasy trilogy certainly sets the stage for an epic series and a finale that should not be missed out on. This is Brenda Drake’s debut novel and as such, it is an exemplary work, wonderfully crafted with strong story line, vivid descriptions, and visceral imagery. The story revolves around a young girl and her friends who get transported to another library in another dimension through a gateway book. What follows after that, sets the stage for the series as a whole. Brenda has developed the book beautifully with fast paced narrative, with tension ratcheting up page by page. In the end, you are left wanting more, with more library books due to come out soon in the series. If you were looking for fantasy filled fiction, with romance in the wings, then you would definitely need to read this book, and it sure stands out as one  of the top 10 trilogies of 2016

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