The Whole Truth

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This book is a thriller. Matt is Mathew Pender of Pender Associates which is a shadowy organization that manages to do seemingly impossible situations for its clients. When Matt is asked by the largest defense contractor to manipulate two nations against each other, a shocking and surprising series of events are set in motion which might bring the world to the brink of world war 3.

"Matt, I require a war." So begins David Baldacci's new novel --a thriller unlike any other he has written before. "Matt" is currently Mathew Pender, of Pender Associates--a shadowy company that specializes in handling apparently hopeless scenarios because of its clientele. From time to time, those services expand to handling --and producing --armed battle. When Matt Pender is requested by his customer --the biggest defense contractor in the world--to control two countries against each other, a shocking and unexpected collection of events are set in motion that may potentially bring the entire world to the brink of World War III. * Within this epic thriller using a global background, David Baldacci provides all the turns and twists, compelling characters, and can not -put-it-down pacing that subscribers have come to expect from this master storyteller.

What makes this book stand out?

This book is an epic thriller with global backdrop and the author delivers all the twists and turns and compelling characters

Read it for

The novel is a can't- put- it- down and has an interesting plot. The characters are interesting and absorbing.

Don't read it for

The book is quite boring in the middle of the plot.

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