The White Tiger

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the list of top 10 satire books of 2016 is incomplete without Booker-winning writer’s debut novel.  It is refreshing and a new take on social class disparities and complexities.  Balram Halwai is the main protagonist of the story, and the narration develops from his perspective. Balram is a poor villager who comes to Delhi to become a driver for the elite class family. The writer expertly does a constant utilisation of satire and allusion. The book has been excellently received from the readers worldwide.

What makes this book stand out?

Watch out for writer’s subtle mix of globalisation, individualism, social class and knitting them with threads of satire.

Read it for

The first novel of Arvind Adiga who made his mark on the world of literature.

Don't read it for

There is no apparent reason for not to read it, to be honest.

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