The Vampire Lestat

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The story of The Vampire Lestat takes off from where the Interview With The Vampire ends. The story of Lestat de Lioncourt, a 200-year-old vampire roaming the posh cosmopolitan city of Paris rising from impoverished nobility in a French countryside follows his character arc as he travels in search of a purpose.

What makes this book stand out?

The Vampire Lestat establishes Lestat as a vampire with not-so-black-a-heart as he is seen worrying for his dear ones, turning his mother to save her from death and traveling distances to fulfill purposes in the Anne Rice bestseller.

Read it for

Unlike the previous book #1, this one is told from Lestat’s viewpoint and instead of showing him in an evil light; we see a more humane side to his character that is also in search of his place in the new dark world of vampires.

Don't read it for

Even though the genre shines in itself, the narrative is not exactly what can be called engaging.

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