The Taking

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The story opens with a sudden and weird rain around the world, everyone believes that it is an invasion by extraterrestrial beings here to take control of planet earth, everyone tries hard to survive, and some brave rescues are also there. The author at the end realizes that it was something entirely different when life is back to normal, which is something you should read to find out.

What makes this book stand out?

The events are described in such a manner that you feel like it is happening to you and this is something really rare for readers to find.

Read it for

The author has tried to convey a message through this book, and I’m sure most of his readers will get it; the book is worth reading for the attempt as well as the way in which he has conveyed the message

Don't read it for

The identity of invaders is not explained in the start for some very obvious reasons which can annoy a few readers just a little bit but then the way it comes together is really nice.

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