The Stars Shine Down

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Iron Butterfly Lara Cameron is a hard-as-nails real estate developer who fights tooth and nail to establish an empire in a testosterone-filled industry and reaches the top of it. But as she finds the love of her life and marries him, someone hurts him and threatens to take everything away from her

What makes this book stand out?

Lara does not hesitate to lie, cheat, be ruthless or violent when it comes to her career and building the business – a whole array of characteristics traits that are stereotypically kept for men in such stories.

Read it for

How a woman single-handedly brought up an empire sends out a strong feminist message which is lovely and refreshing coming from an author of 1900s.

Don't read it for

There is no reason why one should not pick this novel up unless he or she does not like reading women-centric thrillers, which is a bad excuse anyway.

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