The Silent Child

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It is a story of women who loses her 10-year-old son in the natural calamity. Along with this, she also finds herself along without anyone but her parents for relying on. Soon, she loses her parents also.  Though, the good times look to be on a horizon while she falls in adore with a person. She also gets wedded to him as well as is expecting his son while the story unfolds into the dark torments. Suspenseful and heart-pounding, you will surely love the small clues which keep popping around the book.

What makes this book stand out?

The plot of this novel is woven with better care, focusing on the unfolding stunning truths for keeping readers on an edge of their seat. The unique storyline makes it best book to reads.

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if you haunting and dark mystery novels, you can read it.

Don't read it for

It does not get a better position in the list of cozy mystery stories.

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