The Shepherd's Crown

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The last installment in the DiscWorld series, this book marks the ending of a good series of novels as well as the unfortunate demise of the author, Terry Pratchett, recently. In case you haven’t heard of this series before, don’t fret that you’re starting with the last book in a series. You can always start with the first book and enjoy the long and exciting story roll out in front of you. But do know that this will be a great conclusion to a great story. Have you ever thought from the perspective of a witch in the battle between Witches and Fairies . I’m sure none of you must’ve given more than a few seconds to it, with this preconceived notion that witches are evil compared to the other side. But for a second, leave all these predispositions aside and start with this book, to train you’re sense of judgement to look at both sides of the story, albeit a childish fantasy, but bejeweled with lessons of life.

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