The Screwtape Letters

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If you have read many of Lewis’ works, you will observe that he set up several letters. The Screwtape Letters has been set up around hell, portraying a Devil in Infernal Civil Services and his nephew, Wormwood, a novice demon as the leads of the plot. The composition is the most exciting and amusing account of enticement and overcoming it, ever written.

What makes this book stand out?

As you read the book, you are in an incessant self-contemplation of your own life, and the things that are put before you. C. S. Lewis has thought profoundly about the things we do that lead us away from God, and he vocalizes them pretty well.

Read it for

The book is C. S. Lewis' best book as it gives you a good dose of a laugh while you gain a deep apprehension of how the forces of darkness try to sabotage joy and the true.

Don't read it for

In the opinion of many, the plot is considered to serve as an absurd vituperation against humanity itself. Thus, the plot is a bit controversial.

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