The Romantic Manifesto

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The book contains Ayn Rand’s view over artwork and how an artist cannot create an artwork without involving his/her values, morals and emotions while the audience of the artwork also merely perceives the artwork through a blend of their own values, morals, and emotions. The book is a must-read for an Ayn Rand fan as the book presents natural arguments over art and life.

What makes this book stand out?

Though the book contains most of the essays from her book The Objectivist, this book is differentiated by her sole contribution to the book unlike her few other works. This book is a pious overview of Rand’s ideology.

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Essays in the book are an elaborate approach to artwork and its creation. She justifies the book with valid arguments which would surely make you love the book more.

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The book presents an argument of Rand’s division of artwork into valid and invalid forms which can be quite challenging for a few.

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