The Rhinemann Exchange

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David Spaulding, the most efficient allied agent in  Europe, is hired to go undercover in a mission in Argentina.

David Spaulding is the most feared and most effective Allied representative in wartime Europe. Now Spaulding was chosen by the Allied Control to transact an undercover bargain in Argentina between top secret Nazi scientific programs. The trader is Erich Rhinemann, an exiled German Jew who's anticipating the close of the war along with his millions within an impenetrable escape near Buenos Aires. But there is something Spaulding does not understand. The opposing side of this offer. Plus it entails the bizarre, horrible intrigue of the Second World War...

What makes this book stand out?

A thick web of interlinked stories takes you to the main event.

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Another action filled spy story for the brilliant writer.

Don't read it for

This book is a good book.

Brief about Author Robert Ludlum