The razor's edge

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Elliot, the snoot, but also the kindest of men; Isabel, looked at to be entertaining, benignant, and tactful; Gray, the quintessence of the regular guy; Suzanne, scheming, nomadic, and friendly; Sophie, bemused, easy, with a condemnable attraction about her; and finally Larry, so tough and so trustful, lost in the world’s confusion. The story revolves around these folks who are intimate acquaintances, but less than friends, they meet and part in postwar London and Paris.

What makes this book stand out?

Its the most endearing and approachable of Maugham's books. With the right blithering of philosophy and literary proficiencies to keep one challenged too.

Read it for

Is a story of a man who is on the hunt of the on-key significances of life by turning down opportunities and taking up a "road less taken" lifestyle. A worthy read from W. Somerset Maugham's popular novels.

Don't read it for

Maugham's report of upper-crust society in Paris is malicious and wonderfully shrewd at times.

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