The Preserving Machine

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THE WEIRD & WONDERFUL WORLDS OF PHILIP K. DICK Robot psychiatrists triggered by 20 coins A war veteran who keeps shifting to a blob of natural jelly Business information from the spirits of the deceased A machine which turns musical scores in to little, furry creatures A puppy story that recalls Kafka's'Investigations of a Dog' These are a few of the paintings of creativity in this assortment of Philip K. Dick's short fiction. They exhibit all of the uncanny inventiveness & gloomy, quirky humanism of the lovely novels in addition to being a testing ground for lots of their later topics. Comprising: The Preserving Machine (1953); War Game (1959); Upon the Dull Earth (1954); Roog (1952); War Veteran (1955); Leading Stand-By Job (1963); Beyond Lies the Wub (1952); We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (1966); Captive Market (1955); When There Were No Benny Cemoli (1953); Retreat Syndrome (1964); The Crawlers (1954); Oh, to Be a Blobel! (1964); What the Dead Men Say (1964); Purchase the Printer (1956).

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